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The Americans are at it Again

I may be no fan of Barack Obama or the Democratic Party in general but I do have to jump in on his side in particular issue, that of the insinuation that he is a Muslim. It seems like this issue for him is like trick birthday cake candles, he blows them out only to have it re-ignite. A few months ago it was started it would seem by members of Clinton’s elections team, and now it has resurfaced with shady connections to the campaign of John McCain.

The attempts to paint him as a Muslim, because his paternal familial relations were, and the over emphasis on Hussein as his middle name are nothing more than pathetic attempts at scaremongering by his opponents, it shows American politics at their absolute worst.

The worst part of all of this is how it has infested Bermudian politics, which I do not think I need to provide any examples of.


A New Kind Of Army

We’re looking for a few good men
We’re looking for a few good womyn
Who are not afraid to fight against tyranny
But who refuse to fight with tyranny

We’re looking to start a new army, that’s too smart to fight, too smart to die
We’re looking to start a new army, that’s too smart to fight, too smart to kill


So the moment has come when our courts will decide whether the practice of conscription is compatible with the means and goals of a democratic society. Chief Justice Richard Ground has reserved his ruling on the matter, but I sincerely hope that he sides with what is right, and ends the policy of forced military service.

As I have stated in past postings, I believe that in no way is a policy of forcing people into the armed forces compatible with a society that makes claims of being a democratic nation. It is an anachronistic relic of a pre-democratic time when we ruled by absolute monarchs, Bonapartes, military dictators and fascists. It is the tool of militarism and nationalism. It kidnaps people from their lives, forces them into bondage, puts a gun in their hand and teaches them to murder in the name of the state. It teaches to kill mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, common human beings, Not savages but people, like you, like me!

We can never hope to achieve true world peace while we still enslave people to the state and teach them to kill. As Bob Dylan said “how many times must the cannon balls fly, before they are forever banned? The answer my friend is blowin‘ in the wind.” The first step is to end the primitive, reactionary policy of enforced kidnapping by the military our young men. No good can ever ultimately come a policy that teaches the youth how to murder. Bermuda may not be in Iraq or Afghanistan, but that is beyond the point. I refuse to to fight in any of their wars, I refuse to help their scores! I do not want to fight, I do not want to kill, I do not want to die! This is for all of the countless souls who died in vain for someone else’s gain!

Conscription is anti-peace, anti-democracy, and ultimately anti-life so I implore Chief Justice Richard Ground to end the policy and take period into a new era, and maybe eventually the world will follow.

Peace Flowing Like a River!
In Solidarity!

One People, One Struggle! Stand United, Stand Peaceful!

The Question of State Run Media

Christian Dunleavy over at makes a good point about the implications of state run media in Bermuda:

I’d suggest people get familiar with that term, because there is literally a war being waged against the media (specifically The Royal Gazette and The Mid Ocean News) that we’re only in the very early stages of.

He is right, there is a not so silent war being waged on the independent media in Bermuda. For me though the main issue is that most Bermudians seem to be going along with this as if business was usual. I have said time and time again that the RG/MON are biased as pro-UBP, but that is not the issue at hand here, the issue is that the government is attempting to clamp down on all non-government sanctioned outlets of information. I believe the most telling manifestation of this was the proposal to “regulate” the media via a press council during the throne speech. I think we can all assume that media outlets such as Hott 107.5 and BNN will not be (or at least minimally) affect by such a council. Of course we also have the PLP’s election promise the create a PLP newspaper on top of all of this.

So now we have the not so unofficial propaganda machines in Hott and BNN, a proposed PLP newspaper (is this meant to take the place of the RG, MON and BSun?) and now a proposal to regulate the other media sources on the island (I am most concerned about the implication towards blogs). If this is not a clear attempt to regulate and clamp down on dissenting voices I do not know what is. But I like I said before, the main issue for me is how the people appear to be being lead around by the government on this. Our government in attacking freedom of the press and the people are just sitting there, not even questioning uncritically, they are not even questioning period.

We need to wake up Bermuda! First they eliminate the press, then what? Will they attack our freedom of speech, so that we may not even talk publicly about the failings of the PLP? This attack on the press and the subsequent non-outrage on the part of Bermudians will lead us down a slippery slope and I am afraid to see where it will lead.