More International Solidarity with the People of Gaza

Three more international revolutionary organizations has added their voices to the growing outcry over the Israeli slaughter in Gaza and the continued suffering of men, women and children in Palestine at the hands of the Zionist apartheid state. We, all the communist revolutionaries of the world, must let our brothers and sisters in Palestine know that will are with now them, not just as they weather this especially bad storm of Israeli aggression, but until the end.

From the Communist Organization of Greece:koe

The Zionist entity of Israel sharpened its murderous, genocidal policy with the ongoing bloodiest and most barbarous massacre of hundreds of Palestinians, including civilians and children. The year of Nakba’s 60th anniversary concludes in the bloodiest way for the heroic, martyred Palestinian People. The year 2008 concludes also in the most revealing way for the criminal nature of the Zionist entity, the gendarme of the US and EU imperialists in the region. The protracted campaign of slow extermination through the total blockade of Gaza has now been replaced by the mass murder of hundreds of Palestinians.

The European Union governments keep looking at the ongoing massacre, silent and accomplices in the crime, setting off the justified resistance of the Palestinian People with the bloody occupation of Israel, and holding a policy of “equal distance” between the murderer and the victim. We call upon the Greek government to stop mumbling the nonsense about “vicious circle of violence” and to condemn immediately and explicitly the genocide against the Palestinian People.

We declare our unconditional solidarity and support to the Palestinian People, who is punished because it keeps on its heroic resistance against the armipotent occupier. We are confident that the Palestinian People and the organizations of the Palestinian Resistance will unite and shake the foundations of the Zionist entity. We call upon the Greek People to demonstrate its solidarity by participating in the protest outside the Zionist embassy in Athens and in all the solidarity actions that will follow.

Long live the Palestinian Resistance!
Down with the Zionist Neo-Nazis!
The embassy of the genocidal Israel has no place on Greek soil!

Athens, 28 December 2008
Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)

From the Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party:cmkp

The Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party (CMKP – Communist Workers and Peasants Party) of Pakistan vehemently condemns the massacre carried out against the Palestinian people by the Zionist State of Israel, in explicit cooperation with US imperialism.

Israel is a racist and colonial settler-State. Given the hostile attitude of the State of Israel towards the Palestinian people for the last 60 years, the people of Palestine have the legitimate moral right to defend themselves against Zionist aggression through armed struggle. The CMKP, therefore, extends full support by all means possible, to the Palestinian resistance.

CMKP also condemns the cowardly reaction from the Arab rulers who side with U.S. imperialism and Zionism against the working people of their own countries. The despicable role played by the Hosni Mubarik in keeping the Rafah border crossing closed to the Palestinian refugees and humanitarian aid has increased manifold the miseries of the Palestinian people. The Arab leaders must know that at present, their silence is no less than complicity.

CMKP salutes the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and the leadership of Comrade Ahmed Sa’adat in particular, for remaining steadfast in the face of Zionist aggression. CMKP assures Comrade Sa’adat and PFLP that the oppressed people of the world will continue their struggle against U.S. imperialism and Zionism until the world is liberated from oppression.

The actions of the Zionist Entity and the plight of the Palestinian people remind the oppressed people of the world of their grim colonial past and their own suffering under the colonial system. For this reason, the people of the world will forever share a historic bond with the Palestinian struggle. The Palestinian struggle for independence is an international struggle of the oppressed people of the world, with the people of Palestine in the vanguard, against Imperialism and colonial oppression.

Long live the Palestinian resistance!

Long live the PFLP and the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades!

Long live the revolution!

Death to Zionism!

Death to US imperialism!

From the International League of People’s Struggle:ilps1

Since December  27, 2008, the US-supported Zionist Israel has carried out a war of aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza. It has launched air strikes by F-16 jet fighter planes and Apache helicopters and artillery shelling by naval vessels in order to massacre hundreds and injure thousands of Palestinians  and destroy their homes, mosques, schools, public buildings, oil depots, power plants, water facilities  and other infrastructure.

The massacre of the Palestinian people and the destruction of their public and private properties are being rapidly escalated with the ground invasion of Gaza by thousands of Israeli troops and tanks since evening yesterday. The aggressors have interdicted food and medicine supplies. They have destroyed all the sources of fuel and power and  have thus  disabled vehicles and the hospitals.  They have killed Palestinian medical personnel and have prevented ambulances from reaching the victims of aerial bombardments, shelling by naval artillery and strafing by ground forces.

The US imperialists are hellbent on letting the Zionists wreak death and destruction on the Palestinian people without limit and with complete impunity.  They have  publicly incited the Zionists to escalate their aggression and haveblocked every effort in the UN Security Council to pass a ceasefire resolution and to stop the carnage.  Together with the Zionists in Israel, they want nothing less than the complete surrender and subjugation of the Palestinian people in Gaza and in the whole of Palestine.

US imperialism is being consistent and true to its evil nature. It has supplied Israel with all the military, political and economic resources to wage aggression repeatedly against the Palestinian people since 1948, occupy Palestine and drive away millions of Palestinians from their homeland.  The US has used Israel as the bridgehead of US imperialist hegemony in the Middle East and as the platform for threatening and blackmailing countries in the region, making them military and political clients and controlling the oil resources.

We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, reiterate in the strongest terms our condemnation of the US-supported war of aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza and once more declare our solidarity with and support for the entire Palestinian people in their resistance against Zionist Israel and its US imperialist master.

In this regard, we also criticize and condemn those governments in the Middle East that collaborate with the US in supporting Israel directly and indirectly, delivering the oil resources of the region to the US oil giants and suppressing the resistance of the Palestinian, Arab and other peoples in the Middle East. It is a shame that the overwhelming number of Arab people are prevented by their governments from extending the most effective support to the Palestinian people.

We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, stand in solidarity with the Palestinian, Arab and other peoples of the world in the struggle against US imperialism and Israeli Zionism.  Once more we call on all member-organizations and allies of the ILPS to initiate as well as join protest mass actions and other activities that express and gather militant support for the resistance of the Palestinian and Arab peoples against US imperialism and Israeli Zionism.

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Chairperson, International Coordinating Committees

International League of Peoples’ Struggle

In Love and Rage

Rowland Keshena


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