Prachanda and the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) to Ban Dowries & Caste Discrimination

On Jan. 25, Prachanda, leader of the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Maoist) and Prime Minister of Nepal gave a national speech that addressed the need in Nepal to combat inequalities and injustices that still linger on in that country despite the defeat of the oppressive feudal monarchy.

In an address, that was nationally televised, Prachanda emphasized the importance of women’s rights to the revolution in Nepal. He stated that in order to move forward with the struggle for women’s equality, women must have equal rights to parental property. According to Prachanda, an intensive campaign to end domestic violence will be implemented in Nepal immediately. On top of launching the anti-violence against women campaign, the Maoist government further declared that dowries would also be completely abolished beginning the following week. Anyone caught accepting or paying a dowry would be held legally responsible. Dowries are often linked to violence against women.

Laws to ban caste-based discrimination will also be introduced. In the caste system, one’s social status is determined by the caste into which one is born. The poorest and most oppressed cast, the “untouchables,” are banned from some temples and even prohibited from drinking from public fountains.


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  1. Nepal has some of the worst trafficking problems in the world. I would be interested in knowing what exactly the government plans to do to address that.

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