Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada’s Genocide

Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada’s Genocide is the story of one man’s brave attempt to expose the role played by the United Church of Canada in the attempted genocide against Canada’s Native population that was the Residential School System. For his attempts to expose the crimes of the Church specifically and Canada more generally he lost almost everything, including his family (the Church payed for his wife to divorce him) and his job (he became the only member of the UC clergy to ever be defrocked), but thanks to his efforts and the Canadian Native community we are now 1 step closer to finding justice for the generations of our children that were taken from us and placed in the schools, and had their culture and lives systematically destroyed by the church and government.

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  1. in Brazil, some of these racist bigots have drafted a law for stealing native children, see Indians launch petition against draft law facilitating theft of children

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