International Callout for Direct Action Against the 2010 Winter Olympics

International Call Out for Direct Action:

“Our struggles come from before 2010 and will reach beyond!”no 2010 native

This is a call out for direct action and solidarity. At the end of October, the Olympic Torch will come from Greece to Canada.

As we’ve seen here in BC, the true project of the Olympics is the enhancement of capitalism, colonization and social control. New surveillance infrastructure and the training of police and security forces in counter-insurgency here will be exported around the world. The Olympics effects us all, the world over.

Direct action, disruptions or confrontations generally and against the torch relay can be part of a strategy to discourage economic development, exploitation and destruction of people and the land in “British Columbia.”

Between October 29-30th, (and beyond) we welcome acts of solidarity in the form of whatever makes the most sense for your context.

From everywhere in the world let these acts strengthen our common rebellion!

Information about the Torch Relay:

A convergence is scheduled in Victoria, British Columbia to counter the launch of the cross-Canada torch relay.

The 2010 Olympic Flame will be lit in Greece on Oct. 22, 2009 and handed over to a representative of Canada, in Athens on Oct. 29 before coming to Canada – (if it makes it that far!).

The torch relay of modern times which transports the flame from Greece to the various designated sites of the games had no ancient precedent. The torch was introduced at the Hitler’s 1936 Berlin Olympics to spread the spirit of fascism throughout Europe. Still, the torch is a symbol to spread the ideologies of nationalism, colonization and economic progress.

The cross Canada Olympic torch relay begins in Victoria BC, Coast Salish Territory, the morning of October 30. It will spend five days on Vancouver Island before flying to the Yukon, crossing the Northern region of the country to the Atlantic coast, then proceed westward across all provinces, to arrive in Vancouver for the opening ceremonies on Feb. 12, 2010. The relay will last 106 days and cover 45,000 km. It will pass through 1,000 communities.


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