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Tierra Prometida – Journey of the Indigenous Toba

Tierra Prometida (Promised Land) chronicles the journey of a group of ethnic Toba People who were driven from their traditional territory in Argentina’s dense El Impenetrable forest.

For centuries the Toba resisted colonial encroachment and missionization, until the late 1800s, when the Argentine government began to occupy and divide El Impenetrable into concessions to exploit.

Ever since that time, the Toba have been cheated, forgotten, and forced to endure a hostile reality—all the while searching for a better life for themselves and their children.

Ruben Sarmiento, Chief of the Toba Community “19 de Abril” tells the story of his tribe and the obstacles they have had to overcome after being settled in the port area of Dock Sud, Buenos Aires, one of the most polluted areas in the world.

Situated near the Federal Capital, Dock Sud stands as the focus of discrimination, unemployment and crime, malnutrition, and diseases like tuberculosis and Chagas disease, caused by a parasitic insect.

Despite being decimated by environmental aggression, violence and social exclusion, the Toba have continued to believe in and struggle for a future of freedom.

Tierra Prometida – El Periplo de los Aborígenes Toba (Promised land – Journey of the Indigenous Toba) was produced by Noron producciones. If you’d like to learn more about the film, visit (ESP) Thanks to Jahnessa for passing on the film.


Hail Mary Pass

MNN. Oct. 25, 2009. A Hail Mary pass is when a long ball in football is thrown down the field towards the offence’s goal line. It’s a last ditch hysterical attempt [by the federal Mud Dogs] to beat the invincible Ongwehone Eagles. Time has run out for the mud dogs to stop their losses. They are desperate to win. If this pass is completed, they can go on to score the winning goal. Hey, Mud Dogs, it’s hopeless. Give it up! You ain’t goin’ nowhere with it!!

Montreal ambulance chaser, James Moon-Bat Oreilley, wanted my files. He was looking for my defense strategies on the Federal Court of Canada border case. Sometime in the ethereal future, Canada is going to try to carry out their plot to remove me from the earth. This comes on the heels of events where Mohawks and other Indigenous nations are asserting sovereignty, which MNN posts truthfully.

Last week my friend, a lawyer in Montreal, phoned me. He had been helping us in the FCC case to charge the border agents who almost killed me at Kawenoke of Akwesasne on June 14, 2008.

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Former Canadian Prime Minister Suppressed Mercury Studies

A newly published book about Minamata disease has revealed, possibly for the first time to Canadians, that former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau personally interfered with the publication of one or more studies concerning the mercury problem at Grassy Narrows.“Niigata Minimata Disease: Methyl Mercury Poisoning in Niigata, Japan” was authored by Dr. Saito Hisashi, a general practitioner who has worked with Minamata patients ever since the disease was discovered in Niigata, Japan, in 1965. The book was first published in 1996, but only now has it been translated to English.


In Niigata Minimata Disease Dr. Hisashi focuses on Japan’s second major encounter with mercury poisoning, the first one occurring 9 years earlier, in Minamata city. However, early on in the book, Dr. Hisashi quotes witness testimony by another Japanese Doctor, Shiraki Hirotsugu, delivered at the Second Minamata Disease Lawsuit on May 10, 1988.

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