Young. Onkwehonwe. United. (Y.O.U.) Rally for a Youth Centre on Six Nations

Six Nations youth and supporters gathered on the afternoon of November 22nd in order to to rally for a much needed youth centre on the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve. Youth gathered at the Six Nations tourism board, marched down Chiefswood road past Band Council, and then out to the construction site for the new police station. To the supportive honking of drivers, drumming, and singing, youth chanted: “We are Yong Onkwehonwe United”; “Who doesn’t need more jail cells: Y.O.U.!”; “Who needs a youth centre? Y.O.U.!”

Y.O.U. (Young. Onkwehonwe. United.) is a youth led, grassroots initiative, and they have been petitioning for a youth centre for upwards of a year. “We need a place were we can feel safe, where youth can feel empowered, where we can learn our language,” asserted Melissa Elliot of Y.O.U. “We need a place to play, to raise our voice and find our way,” the youth sang outisde the Conferedacy Council House.

The Six Nations Solidarity Network supports Young Onkwehonwe United and their call for a youth centre. For more information, Y.O.U. has a facebook group.


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