Racism & The Far Right at Caledonia

Thanks to the blog Solidarity with Six Nations for putting this together and continuing to add to it.

Paul Fromm

Paul Fromm is one of Canada’s most well known white supremacist organizers.  he began his far right organizing in 1967 with the Edmund Burke Society, and then was the founder of the Western Guard, Canada’s most significant neo-Nazi grouping in the 1970s. Fromm had his Ontario teaching license revoked in 1997 due “failure to maintain professional standards; not complying with college regulations and bylaws; disgraceful, dishonourable, unprofessional and/or unbecoming conduct; and practising while in a conflict of interest” after being conspicously linked with the Neo-nazi Heritage Front. Wikipedia has a well-documented resource page on him that is worth checking out.

The following is a youtube video that Fromm released after having made links with people in Caledonia opposing Six Nations. He was spotted (and photographed) with several other neo-nazis at McHale and Vandermas’ January 20th 2007 flag raising protest, and was part of a group of about 30 people led by McHale who conveyed from the protest over to the Chatwell’s residence which backs out onto DCE. He released this YouTube video discussing the Chatwell’s circumstances in July of 2007. In it he uses many of the same images of Six Nations protests publicized by McHale on http://www.caledoniawakeupcall.com and speaks in almost exactly the same way as many members of CANACE. He avoids racist slurs, plays up white victimhood, and casts activists from Six Nations as terrorists.

Evidence of White Supremacist Participation in protests  against Six Nations

This video was taken on the May 24 weekend.  The protest was not organized by McHale, and  in fact occurred before he arrived on the scene a few months later, but it does provide evidence of both the racist attitudes of participants in the protest and the involvement of somebody who appears to be a white supremacist organizer  in his tone and demeanor.

These two links are to videos of two neo-nazi’s present at Gary McHales Oct 15th 2006 “March for Freedom”.  The first shows a interview of a supporter from the Northern Alliance.  The second says “it’s time for armed revolution”

Stormfront discussions on Gary McHales Protests

Stormfront is the world’s most popular English-language neo-Nazi website. Here
are a couple of discussion threads that discuss McHale’s various activities
and protests in Caledonia and which provide some information about neo-Nazi
participation in them.


The Northern Alliance

The Northern alliance is a neo-Nazi group based out of London Ontario. It is one of the longest-running  neo-Nazi groups in Canada that is still currently active. The following are some of the pictures that they themselves took and posted online of their presense at Gary Mchales Oct. 15th “March for Freedom.”


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