Kevin Annett Assaulted

Keven Annett is a former minister of the United Church of Canada who exposed the murder of Indian children in church-operated residential schools in Canada, was beaten in Vancouver.

From: William Annett, Kevin Annett’s father

TO: The Right Honourable Stephen Harper

Office of the Prime Minister

Ottawa, Canada

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

You are fully aware who Reverend Kevin Annett is.

In case you’ve forgotten, I remind you that more than any other individual, it was his work and sacrifice over 17 years that made inevitable your “apology” to the victims and survivors of the Indian Residential Schools, which you delivered in the House of Commons in June, 2008.

On Wednesday, January 6, 2010, Kevin Annett was savagely assaulted and beaten up by two thugs in downtown Vancouver. Expertly – broken ribs, bruises and contusions that don’t show, just as the whole sickening history of these government-mandated schools doesn’t show.

Not surprisingly, this attack occurred two days after Kevin’s dissemination of an article describing in detail the organized child-trafficking industry in B..C. (with the complicity of government, churches and law enforcement agencies), and 24 hours following his media release decrying the attempts by the city and province to sanitize Vancouver for the emolument of the Olympic international press corps – at the expense of the homeless in the downtown east side.

I cannot accuse, because we cannot identify the source of this brutality. But I do know – and you have the means of discovering – who those responsible are. Certainly, the perpetrators exist somewhere within the following organizations, these sanctimonious Canadian institutions (still shielded by your government) who have ostracized, vilified and persecuted Kevin Annett, trashing his life since 1992, and aided in default by the gutless Canadian media who have known the truth since 1907:

  • The Canadian Government/ the Department of Indian Affairs
  • The United Church of Canada
  • The Anglican Church of Canada
  • The Roman Catholic Church
  • The RCMP
  • The Vancouver Police Department
  • Certain Tribal Councils and Chiefs (“establishment Indians”)

Within these organizations, whoever is responsible, hear this:  I am Kevin’s very proud father. You are messing with a family that has fought and died for Canada since 1825. We do not ASK, neither do we REQUEST, neither do we PLEAD. We simply state as follows, borrowing the metaphor from William Jennings Bryan:

Thou shalt not crucify this man on the cross of of your brutality and power;

No longer shall you press down upon his brow

The thorns of your oppression.

This will not happen again.

–William Annett


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