Canada’s French and English Internal Military Conflict

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MNN. Feb. 11, 2010. While the watchdogs are away eyeing the slopes and enjoying balmy weather, is the fox coming in to devour the chickens? The government transferred 6,000 police from eastern Canada to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Ontario and Quebec have skeleton crews. A big military shakeup happens.

Canadian Forces Base Commander Col. Russell Williams hobnobs with Prime Minister Steven Harper, the Security Minister, Governor General Michaelle Jean and Queen Elizabeth. Harper was planning to appoint him as Brigadier General. His adversaries may have had their own nominee. Williams was publicly and sensationally taken down and charged as a serial killer and sexual predator. The press is linking him to skeletons found in Nova Scotia and elsewhere many years ago.

Belleville Ontario and Trenton CFB are minutes from the Mohawk community of Tyendinaga. The writer – Eaglewatch, Kittoh and Mrs. Stanley – is non-native. She lives nearby and knows about the military. She wrote that the streets of Belleville are swarming with prostitutes, that Indigenous women were recently released from the Kingston Prison for Women [which was closed over 10 years] into the streets and advocated legalizing the sex trade for the “boys”. Was she working with one side of the internal military conflict in Canada?

We Mohawks are constantly demonized by the media. We were declared as “insurgents” in military training manuals.

The two military factions in Canada are the French Separatists-Europeans-Jesuits-Catholic Church who are the Liberals, NDP, Bloc Quebecois and Ontario and Quebec provincial governments. The other is the English-Americans who are the Conservatives. The Liberals control Ontario and Quebec and the Conservatives the rest of Canada. They are fighting over our territory and resources.

The military and para-military are controlled by the liberals through language laws brought in by Prime Minister Trudeau. Only bilingual can get top jobs, which means French speaking.

The Col. Williams story came out fast. Immediately, prepared articles and cover stories were planted to explain everything to the public. The liberal media didn’t have to investigate. They just had to put it out.

Indian Affairs is the most important department of the Canadian government. Documents, history, resources and land registrations for all of Canada are kept there. In the 1950s Indians Affairs was run by the English. In the 1960s Prime Minister Trudeau and Indian Affairs Minister Chretien, both of Quebec, tried to put in their own people. They failed. In the 1970s they moved Indian Affairs to Quebec and brought it under the separatist influence. The military built a war room on the 14th floor run by a French soldier. From there they could conduct espionage and transfer people and money across Canada, from an allegedly mismanaged department.

At a February 10th press conference General Walter Natynczyk laid out the formula for dealing with the Williams trauma: all were in shock, the judicial process would unfold, everyone is a victim and they would resolve it. He suggested possibly putting soldiers in the place of police who are away.

He asked everyone to squeal on everybody, for their own security and on behalf of soldiers in Afghanistan, Haiti and Vancouver. The military would be launching an unspecified search and rescue mission somewhere in Canada! All mayors are on side to work against the designated target.

We Mohawks have already been declared as supposed enemies though we were allies of the British. We worked on most major construction throughout Great Turtle Island. We have a vested interest in protecting our land.

The general said that after “decades of darkness”, he represents the leadership in a “sacred trust”! What are the Conservative fascists and Liberal fascists orchestrating while Parliament is prorogued until March?

Col. Williams and his wife are movers and shakers from the Toronto Anglo establishment. Mary Elizabeth Harriman is head of the Canada Heart and Stroke Foundation in Ottawa.

Harper is pro-US, trying to get the eastern Canada vote to get a majority government. Is a secret war raging between the two fascist camps for control of Canada?

Coincidentally, an anti-Mohawk campaign was launched to demonize us as racists. For 500 years we watched conflicts between these combating colonists. We were always neutral. Quebec is trying to eliminate a Mohawk enclave south of Montreal Quebec. Though Canada’s own laws provide only natives can live here, public pressure is being mounted to bring in non-natives to outnumber us. The minister must uphold the law. He cannot make statements contrary to his trust position. They may also be infiltrators.

This age old strategy to accuse dissidents of sexual abuse, child molestation and other crimes has been used many times before. The press convicts the victim before the trial and lynches them regardless of the facts. We don’t know if Col. Williams is a murderer. By law he must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Mohawks always give the benefit of the doubt.

Kahentinetha Horn, MNN Mohawk Nation News, [For more stories on this issue, go to MNN website, category “Sharbot Lake”].


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