Music for Decolonization

When most people think of Native music artists they think of Buffy Sainte-Marie, and maybe former American Indian Movement spokesperson come spoken word artist John Trudell, however, as much as I love Buffy Sainte-Marie and John Trudell there is much more out there. In North America, especially in Canada, Indians are en extremely young population, and so there are many young musicians out there. There is a growing underground scene of Native hip-hop, and there are also punk and rock bands, sometimes emerging straight out of the reserves and reservations of colonialism rather than the urban centres.

Many of these artists have also chosen to use their voices and their exposure to send a message of empowerment, pride and much of the time even revolution to their restless brothers and sisters looking for a future on the reserves and in the ghettos and barrios of the cities.

Below I have laid out a small selection of some of my favourite artists. Whether you are Native or not I hope their music touches you the way it has touched me.

Aztlan Underground – Decolonize

Blackfire – [Silence] is a Weapon

Eekwol – Too Sick

El Vuh – Heavy

Olmeca – Batalla

Hellnback – Keep on Movin’

War Party – Feelin’ Reserved


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