The Cold Police Murder of Oscar Grant: An Absence of Intention?

From Rodney King to the Starlight Tours, the agents of this pig system have beaten, maimed and murdered our brothers, our sisters, our mothers, our fathers , our aunts and uncles, our cousins, our elders and children, and our friends with near impunity. We saw this yet again yesterday with the announcement of the verdict in the case of the Oakland BART cop that killed Oscar Grant. Involuntary manslaughter. Involuntary manslaughter was what the jury, with not a single African person on it, handed down for the BART cop who shot Oscar.

Involuntary manslaughter? What the fuck is that? So first, a little legal lesson. Reaching back into my days spent in legal studies and criminology classes, I recall that to be found guilty of murder one has to be found to have had malice or malice aforethought – the knowledge that one’s actions are likely to result in death. Voluntary manslaughter occurs either when the defendant kills with malice aforethought, but there are mitigating circumstances which reduce culpability, or when the defendant kills “only” with an intent to cause serious bodily harm. Involuntary manslaughter, what the BART cop was convicted of, is distinguished from voluntary manslaughter by the absence of intention.

The abscence of intention?

I see, so the BART cop who had Oscar face down in the ground, handcuffed, as another cop kneeled on, and  placed loaded .40 caliber gun to his back pulled the trigger accidently, without malice intent. Sure, just like the Saskatoon pigs that took intoxicated Indians outside of the city limits during the peak of winter, in the middle of the night, with little warm clothing and no shoes on didn’t mean to kill them. I see.

Sure, I understand all of this. I understand fully that the pig agents of this oppressive system protect their own when they kill one of us in cold blood. I know how the (in)justice system works. I know what we should have expected out of this trial, especially after the trial was moved out of Oscar’s hometown of Oakland. But I still hoped. We still hoped that this time there would be justice, that this time the murderous agents of the system would be punished for their crimes.

We hoped. We hoped with all our hearts, and that is why, even when we all knew what was going to happen, we again feel this crushing sensation. It reminds me of Leonard’s parole hearing last summer. We all knew that he would never be granted parole, never be allowed to see the world again from beyond the bars of his cell. We knew this because the agents of the state long ago gave up trying to proove that Leonard did that which they accuse him of doing, yet they still caged him. Just like Oscar, with Leonard we all knew, but we also hoped.

And this system will never change, so long as the current state of affairs is allowed to exist. So long as this racist system of capitalist exploitation is allowed to exist we will continue to feel the sorrow of losing a loved one of the gun of a cop. Things are not going to change unless we make revolution, and we create a new world free of explotation. A world I believe we can build. Are you with me? If you are, then lets join together and bring this pig system to the gound.

No Justice! No Peace!


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