Voices of the Voiceless: Lowkey

Weekends have always been the slowest time of any given week for this site, so I have decided to change things up a bit and use these days to promote radical recording artists and their music. I have always posted music and videos from artists whose music has a powerful message or has touched me in some way, but now Sunday’s will be dedicated to helping give exposure to those artists on a regular basis.

The title of this new regular feature is taken from the Immortal Technique and Lowkey song of the same name, one of the songs to be featured in this inaugural post.

Lowkey is somewhat of a rarity in the North American music scene, a rapper from Britain.  Of English and Iraqi descent he is a playwright, poet and activist on top of being a very talented rap artist. First hitting the scene in Britain before his 18th birthday with a series of mixtapes, Lowkey has seen his popularity surge with the release of two albums and a number of singles.

His song Long Live Palestine, which was released in the wake of the Israeli assault on Gaza in December 2008 because a popular expression of the outrage felt around the world. Since then he has become a true voice of the voiceless, tackling racism, world revolution, war, colonialism and other global political issues in his music.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the music.


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