LaCrosse Passport Standoff is About Genocide and Theft

From Mohawk Nation News.

Britain’s travel ban against the Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team is about genocide, theft and betrayal of their old ally.

The disregard of our sovereignty as the Rotino’shonnui [Iroquois Confederacy] by foreign imperialists is so they can continue to squat on our lands and suck our resources.

We Indigenous have an inherent right to traverse Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island and the world as sovereign independent peoples.

Papers from foreign corporations cannot interfere with our birthright or define our tie to the natural world.

The Two Row Wampum Agreement governs our relationship with the imperialists. They must confer with us through the U.S. President and the Her Majesty the Queen of England and Canada. International law respects our pre-contact birthright to conduct trade and commerce and travel anywhere using our protocol. The imperialists want to continue to extinguish economic relations between all Onkwehonwe.

The Jay Treaty of 1794 is a third party agreement between Britain and the US that allows imperialists to steal our possessions, backed by military might. Article III applies to immigrants who are “naturalized”. They become American, Canadian or British under the rules and privileges of foreign ‘corporation’.

We are not immigrants. Being forced to carry the passports of illegal foreign corporations is blackmail.

According to universal human rights law, everyone has the right to exist, to defend ourselves, our nationality, land and government.

No nation can denationalize another nation. We are born Rotino’shonni, not citizens. A “city” is a corporation which one willingly joins, where privileges can be taken away by hierarchical governing body.

The UN charter of 1948 and the International Covenant on Cultural and Political Rights binds the imperialists to respect our rights.

The colonists want us to carry the micro chipped cards that contain our DNA, retina scan and finger prints to be put into a satellite GPS tracking system. Europeans rejected this as violating human rights and still use paper passports.

We are being used as guinea pigs to set up imperialist national security. We’ve never carried out terrorist threats or acts anywhere in the world.

Proper protocol must be followed to meet with us so we can polish the Silver Covenant Chain and dust the Two Row Wampum which governs our nation-to-nation relationship.

We cannot surrender our natural connection to our Mother Earth and to fulfill our duties and responsibilities as the caretakers of Great Turtle Island. We continue to stand by her to protect her.

The foreigners are trying to kidnap our people from our canoe and force us to row their boat. Our lacrosse team is being held hostage. We can only leave our canoe by our own free will. We refuse to live under an alien social, economic, political system.

The kasatstenera kowa saoiera give us the confidence in ourselves and our traditional system.

We salute our young lacrosse players who are defending our birthright and protecting the next generations. This imperial act is an attempted continuation of the genocide that was started 500 years ago. Only the corporation names and faces have changed.


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