DIA Proceeding with Privatization of Indian Reserves

The war by the colonial state to destroy the last remnants of indigenous communal lands continues.

From Defenders of the Land.

Please find attached 2 versions of letters being sent to a select group of First Nations who are listed in one of the attached tables.

DIA, along with some First Nations collaborators from the usual federal stable of “national institutions” are asking certain Chiefs and Councils to participate in an interview process to help DIA with their goal of privatizing Reserve lands.

Juxtapose this effort with the lack of federal effort to honour the spirit and intent of historic treaties; reform their land claims and self-government policies and return stolen lands and resources to First Nations.

DIA, Manny Jules, Tom Flanagan, et al, all collaborating to privatize your reserve. Better wise up before your last bit of reserve land is gone, along with your traditional territory.

65 First Nations to be considered

33 First Nations to be considered

Letter to Chief – Introduction

Letter to Chief – once accepted


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