Once Upon A Time: a 2010 Fairy Tale for the 100th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution

By Jose Aztatl Garza. This appeared in Indigenist World: A Journal of Indigenous Anti-Colonialist Opinion

once upon a time bomb

there was a very active

arm chair revolutionary,

clicking here

criticizing there

without a care


underground SME

Zapatista steady

graduate of Steven Biko Preporatory

Crazy Horse Institute of Little Big Horn

Vietnam Veteran Fragster expectations

he would go far so very far so long

as he kept his mouth under control

alone content on the shelf of compromise

behind passive days and gathering storm

fecal Calderon toasted tequila sunrise

had not heard up-roarious rumor

la llorana y el cucuy no longer held sway

down old Mexico way home of the brave

on Acapulco Bay gangsta’ homie land of

yankee bank barons

stealth bomber crowd

meanwhile Manuela shined shoes

sold chicle wiped windshields

catered champagne and caviar

cleaned swimming pools drove

the buses and taxi cabs to the airport

tilled the land attended university

studied anarchy 101 trained

the hacienda horses found work

in the Mexican military constructed

the cities served the poor

in private made sure

to keep her matraya

in perfect working order


Plumed Serpent,

an earthquake

has returned,

come to shatter both heaven and earth,”

she whispered, “see, a canyon top wind

breathing Fire – spewing a Thunder Storm,

come, sit, watch the end of the world …”



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