Break Word at the University of Waterloo

Tomorrow at the University of Waterloo, Environment Courtyard, Outside Environment 1 Building, from 18:00 to 21:00. Featuring some of my good friends from the KW Ummah.

Break Word will have Spoken Word/Slam Poetry performances that aim to address topics broadly related to social change and activism in an effort to increase civic participation of Muslim youth in the community. This initiative transpires out of a strong belief in the idea that effectual social change is only possible when a forum for discussion is presented. This project seeks to provide the community with that forum; a platform for dialogue where controversial subjects can be expressed through performance art in a safe space, providing Muslim youth with an alternative way of seeking self-fulfilment.

The resultant goal of this is to engender further initiatives that will deliver tangible solutions to problems spoken about through the poetry and to mark the inception of thought reflective of the presented subjects. The issues they wish to address range from politics to gender and sexuality issues, religion, social and economic activism.

Check out the web page and Facebook event.


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