Reactionary Ballot Measures Win Again at the Polls

The right - this year defined by the Tea Klan - made gains in the ballot measure voting last night

I do not endorse voting for the Republicans or the Democrats, and as there is no viable, serious socialist alternative on the ballots (try as the SPUSA, WWP and PSL might) I do not endorse voting for candidates period – it’s a waste of time and they all serve our enemies in the end anyway, no matter how nice they speak or how handsome they look. So normally I am not much of a voter. However, while many of my comrades will wax on and on about revolutionary principles pertaining to electoral abstentionism, I do believe that at times it can be centrally important to vote on ballot measures.

These are important because they are often overlooked, but they also often allow the right to push through anti-worker, anti-woman, anti-queer, anti-people of colour and anti-immigrant campaigns. As I said at this time two years ago, “as anyone familiar with the recent history of ballot measures should know, over the last few election cycles in the US, we have seen victory after victory go to the reactionary forces of the religious right and their allies.” This was true again last night. So as I did last time around, here is a break down of where the right made gains in the referendums, but also where they lost.

Definition of Personhood From the Time of Biological Development

Colorado Amendment 62 – Loss (70:30)

Ban on Affirmative Action

Arizona Proposition 107 – Win (60:40)

Secret Ballot for Union Elections [makes becoming unionized more difficult]

Arizona Proposition 113 – Win (61:39)

South Carolina Amendment 2 – Win (86:14)

South Dakota Amendment K – Win (79:21)

Utah Amendment A – Win (60:40)

Medical Marijuana and Marijuana Legalization

Arizona Proposition 203 – Loss (50:50) [This measure lost six and a half thousand votes)

South Dakota Initiative 13 – Loss (63:37)

California Proposition 19 (54:46)

Anti-Obamacare Measures

Arizona Proposition 106 – Win (55:45)

Colorado Amendment 63 – Loss (53:47)

Oklahoma Question 756 – Win (65:35)


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