The Indian Problem and Education

Some food for thought for friends and comrades struggling against 500 years of colonial oppression and aggression, courtesy of Sandy Grande’s awesome book on Native critical pedagogy, Red Pedagogy: Native American Social and Political Thought.

While acknowledging the relationship between education and culture is important, unless the relationship between culture and the socioeconomic conditions within which it is produced is recognized, the so-called at-risk conditions [alcohol and drug abuse, youth suicide, school dropouts etc.] to peoples living under siege will persist. With regard to American Indians, this means understanding that “the Indian problem” is not a problem of children and families but rather, first and foremost, a problem that has been consciously and historically produced by and through the systems of colonization: a multidimensional force underwritten by Western Christianity, defined by white supremacy, and fueled by global capitalism.

If you want to read an awesome book on liberatory Native education that draws on Marx, Gramsci, Friere and best of our own indigenous traditions, check out this book.


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