Indochine: A People’s War in Colour

Viet Nam from 1930s through 1970s in full colour. This is a documentary about one of the struggles that has brought great inspiration to me and to revolutionaries struggling around the world, the powerful story about the struggles of the people of Viet Nam to resist French, Japanese and American imperialism. While this film contains your typical Western anti-communist and anti-revolutionary stuff, the struggle of the Vietnamese people still shines through in many parts.



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  1. Thank you very much for promoting this great documentary. Yes, there’s some small obvious signs of anti-communist rhetoric, but all-in-all, this was a great documentary with many truths outweighing the lies. To this day, our Vietnamese brothers & sisters continue to uphold Socialism & continue to uphold anti-imperialism.

    Long Live the Socialist Republic of Vietnam!

  2. It was an awesome film, despite the anti-communist shit it did contain. I am inspired by all revolutionary struggles, but there has always been something Viet Nam that put it in a special place in my heart.

    The people of Viet Nam waged a long and courageous revolutionary struggle against not just one, or even two, but three imperialist powers to gain their freedom. It’s a powerful to revolutionaries world wide, and I think it really comes through in this film.

  3. I think the title already gives a hint of how anti-communist it is.

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