Nak’azdli Blockade Enters Second Day, Mt Milligan Mining Project Proponent Threatens Legal Action

This appeared on the Vancouver Media Co-Op.

As a First Nation Blockade of work on the Mount Milligan open pit mine site continues for a second day the mine site owner threatened legal action against the blockaders.

The blockade was set up Monday afternoon by Howard Sam and Wayne Sam, holders of adjoining keyohs, traditional First Nation landholdings. The proposed mine would be a deep, wide pit mine straddling the boundary between the two keyohs.

Wes Carson, a Terrane Metals representative, visited the blockade tuesday afternoon and told the blockaders his company plans to minimize the environmental impacts of the proposed mine.

The keyoh holders said this is the first time the company has ever talked to them.

Carson said Terrane, a subsidiary of the American mining company Thompson Creek Metals, wants to do things right. He said they don’t want to repeat the mistakes of all the other mines in BC.  They said that they didn’t know who to talk to but now they know.

The Keyoh Holders told Carson they could organize a meeting with all the family members from the affected keyohs.  Carson at first agreed and said they would do anything to help.

He said that he would return the next day to talk to the keyoh holders again but then asked the Sams to remove the blockade.  When the keyoh holders would not remove the blockade Carson said Terrane is starting legal proceedings.

Nak’azdli Indian Band Councillors Rosemarie Sam and Charlie Sam joined two dozen other people on the blockade to support the keyoh holders.

“The Royal Proclamation of 1763 signed by King George the Third said the Indians must be protected and the resources must be protected,” said Charlie Sam.  “We never sold our land. Show us the deed and the bill of sale and we will remove our blockade.”


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