Check Out People of Color Organize!

If haven’t already seen this awesome site, check it out. Right now. Do it.

People Of Color Organize! is a website journal and media source produced by organizers supporting critical thinking, strategic work and direct action for social, racial, and economic justice. The website features debates, events, and trends within and emanating from the revolutionary left on matters of race, national oppression and self determination efforts. While unapologetically left in orientation, People Of Color Organize! is non-sectarian and offers a diversity of viewpoints from many movements.

People of Color Organize! is for all readers interested in people of color and our/their activism, community organizing, theory and perspectives. In addition to the primary contributors, we have many groups, individual activists, and concerned citizens of the world who post articles, comments, and revolutionary events. New contributors are always welcome and can go to the contact button to get in touch with our editor to get started.  Comments are also welcomed, so long as they are respectful to others and focus on ideas, not personalities or sectarian debates.

They post a diversity of topics and videos several times a week and donations are accepted primarily to support the blog space and staff.

It’s primary organizers are Ernesto Aguilar of Anarchist People of Color fame, and Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervina former Black Panther Party member and political prisoner, author of Anarchism and the Black Revolution, and co-founder of the first Black anarchist formation, the now defunct Black Autonomy International. Because of them have been active for a number of years on a variety of fronts.

The project’s other main contributors are Ikonoklast and Zari Sundiata, two African Internationalist writers, activists and organizers. I’ve now officially joined that list as well, and will be posting over there on a regular basis. So go check it out.


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