Some Humour

I know this isn’t a common occurrence here, but believe it or not my life is not all about serious shit. Like the rest of human race I do enjoy a good laugh. In that vain, this is the spiritual of Catcher Freeman from The Boondocks.

If you don’t know what The Boondocks is, I suggest you investigate. It tells the (quite funny) stories of the Freeman family, which is comprised of Robert Freeman (Granddad), 10 year old Huey Freeman, the show’s protagonist and a radical leftist black revolutionary, and his 8 year old brother Riley, a wannabe gangsta. The show’s humour is quite subversive, and it highly critical of mainstream black culture.

As an Indian I find that most of what the show lampoons and criticizes in mainstream black culture, with its gangsta capitalism, crass materialism and disrespect for women and queers, can, with the aid of just a few word replacements, be said about mainstream Native youth culture, or that of many other urban racialized youth who internalized the ghetto capitalist mentality.


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