Voices of the Voiceless: Rebel Diaz

Rebel Diaz is a political hip hop trio out of the Bronx and Chicago. It consists of Teresita Ayala (Lah Tere) and brothers Rodrigo Venegas (RodStarz) and Gonzalo Venegas (G1).

The children of Chilean activists, RodStarz and G1 grew up in Chicago’s North Side, and Lah Tere was raised in Humboldt Park, Chicago. Rebel Diaz identify with and position themselves within a history of political resistance through music, specifically citing the Nueva canción movement.

Although Rebel Diaz met in Chicago, Illinois, Rebel Diaz was not born until the three moved to the Bronx – the birthplace of hip hop – to continue their political activism through hip hop. Rebel Diaz see themselves as reclaiming hip hop as a tool in the larger struggle against oppression. RodStarz and G1 work with youth in the South Bronx, teaching them to use music to express themselves. In March 2009, Rebel Diaz opened the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective, a community arts center that includes a performance space, a multimedia studio, a computer lab, and an art gallery located in an abandoned warehouse in the South Bronx.

On January 19, next year, The Red Path Society in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, of which I am currently the president, will be working with BASICS Community News Service and Barrio Nuevo to bring Rebel Diaz to the Tri-City area for a one night show. The show will also feature performances by local radical spoken word artists and rock musicians. It will, barring any major complications, be held at Federation Hall on the University of Waterloo campus. Tickets are likely to be around 10$. I will post more details about the concert when they are available.

For now, sit back and enjoy the music.


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