Palestinians Celebrate the 43rd Anniversary of the PFLP Throughout Palestine and Exile

From the Popular Front for the Liberation of PalestineThe PFLP us revolutionary Marxist-Leninist organization fighting for national liberation and socialism in Palestine.

The Celebrations

Gaza City

Tens of thousands of members and supporters of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine gathered today, December 11, 2010, in Gaza City’s Palestine Stadium, marking the forty-third anniversary of the PFLP’s founding in a mass rally. Click here for PHOTOS of the event!

Palestinians from all sectors – men and women, elderly and children, workers and farmers, attended the rally from all sectors of Gaza City, and traveling in groups from throughout the Gaza Strip, waving red flags that filled the stadium.

Comrade Jamil Majdalawi, member of the Political Bureau of the PFLP, delivered the main speech of the rally, emphasizing the need for Palestinian national unity to confront the occupier and build the resistance in the face of all repression. He emphasized that the Palestinian people have the right to all forms of resistance, including armed, popular and economic resistance, and that resistance is the only solution to the occupation.

He denounced the accumulation of wealth, power and influence at the expense of the struggle of the Palestinian people, saying that it benefits the enemy only. He called upon Hamas and Fatah to move toward reconciliation and prioritize the national struggle of the Palestinian people.

He denounced the path of “negotiations” and “peace talks” flowing from the Oslo accords and said that the masses of the Palestinian people must lead a collective reevaluation in order to learn the lessons of this period to continue the march of the Palestinian revolutionary struggle.

He emphasized that for the PLO to fulfill its role as an umbrella uniting the people, it must be democratic and embrace all of the parts of the Palestinian national movement in a pluralistic manner, based on democratic elections and proportional representation.

Comrade Majdalawi paid tribute to the Front’s leadership and history, calling for the freedom of General Secretary Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat in the jails of the occupier, and the freedom of his comrades and all Palestinian prisoners, and saluting the legacy of past General Secretaries Abu Ali Mustafa and George Habash. He noted the strength and importance of the involvment of young people and women in all activities and at all levels of the Front and the Palestinian movement.

Comrade Musab al-Bashir, a freed former prisoner, spoke about the struggle of prisoners, calling on all forces to prioritize the case of Palestinian prisoners, and pointing to the prisoners’ movement as an example of ending the internal division. He discussed the ongoing crimes and abuses being committed against prisoners in the Zionist jails, and emphasized the commitment of the Front on the 43rd anniversary to its imprisoned comrades and all of the imprisoned sons and daughters of the Palestinian people.

The festival included artistic performances, speeches and poetry and concluded with a new song performed by the Palestinian artist Ahmed Assaf entitled “The Backbone of the Front”.


In Ramallah, hundreds of students from Al-Quds Open University, members of the Palestinian Student Action Front, held a university rally marking the anniversary. The student organizers spoke about the important role of the Palestinian student movement in building national consciousness and providing progressive leadership in the political, social, academic and trade union fronts in Palestine.

Comrade Omar Shehadeh spoke on behalf of the PFLP, saying that we celebrate this anniversary as a mark of renewing our rejection of surrendering the rights of our people and bowing down before the Israeli occupier, and in an emphasis on continuing resistance in the face of settlements, Zionism and imperialism.

In a word, the Popular Front delivered by Omar Shehadeh, said: “we celebrate the anniversary Launches comes within the framework of the renewal to reject people for surrendering and bending high” of the Israeli occupation, and an emphasis on the continuation of Palestinian resistance in the face of the settlement project, and a rejection of the policies of imperialism in the region.

He saluted the students, paying tribute to the role of university students in building the Palestinian revolution, and called upon the students to continue to fulfill that role.

Comrade Shehadeh discussed the Front’s continuation of its policy of boycotting the PLO Executive Committee so long as it continues to undemocratically embrace futile negotiations with the occupier at the behest of the United States. He said that the harvest of 17 years of negotiations has been the Judaization of Jerusalem, the construction of the apartheid wall, the siege on Gaza, the building of settlements, the violation of human rights, and the continuation of arrests and land confiscation.

He said that the Front’s decision to boycott the Executive Committee meetings is a decision to confront a dangerous threat to the Palestinian people and to demand an end to hegemony in the PLO. He emphasized that no approach of the Palestinian leadership can be effective without discarding entirely the endless circle of Oslo, and demanding international recognition of the full rights of the Palestinian people.

He concluded by paying tribute to the prisoners inside the occupier’s jails, led by General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat and paying special greetings to Comrade Sumoud Kharajeh, a university student held in Israeli jail.



The PFLP in Tulkarem held a mass rally on December 10, 2010 to mark the 43rd anniversary of the launch of the Front, attended by members, cadres and supporters of the Front and national forces, as well as a delegation from Abnaa el-Balad in Palestine ’48.

Rafat Balawi, the governor of Tulkarem, spoke, saluting the PFLP, its leadership and the masses of the people, calling for Palestinian unity and resistance to defeat Israeli racism, occupation and oppression.

Raja Igbarieh, representative of Abna’a el-Balad, spoke about Palestinian rights throughout Palestine, saying that the “negotiations” project has only harmed the Palestinian people and their national rights. He said that it was important to rethink the call for an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza, raising the call for one democratic state in all of historic Palestine.

Comrade Nasser Abu Aziz, a member of the Central Committee of the Front, spoke, emphasizing the Front’s commitment to the masses of the Palestinian people, and to build national unity and a democratic, representative PLO, to unify the resistance and reject U.S. and Israeli hegemony



On December 11, 2010, under the slogan of “Victory through unity, steadfastness, and resistance,” the PFLP in Nablus held a mass rally marking the 43rd anniversary of the Front amid a harsh winter storm.

Palestinian flags and PFLP banners led the march from the PFLP office in Nablus, attacked by the Israeli occupation forces in 2004, down Palestine Street, chanting national slogans, to the memorial to the martyrs of the Front and then to the reception hall at Effendi Theatre.

Comrade Khalida Jarrar, member of the Political Bureau of the Front, gave the main address at the rally, telling of the PFLP’s central role in the Palestinian national movement, and how it continues to play a major role in the forefront of the Palestinian progressive movement and labor struggle. She reviewed the history of the PFLP from the time of the Arab Nationalist Movement and the founding of the Front by Comrade George Habash and his comrades, the leadership of the martyred General Secretary Abu Ali Mustafa, assassinated by the occupier, to today’s General Secretary, Ahmad Sa’adat, the imprisoned leader.

She emphasized the need to end the internal division and turn all attention to the occupation, the enemy of all of our people at home and in exile and diaspora.

Comrade Mohammed Kanaaneh, general secretary of the Abnaa el-Balad movement in occupied Palestine ’48 also spoke at the rally, saluting the inspiring and ongoing role of the Popular Front and its leaders, particularly Comrade Sa’adat, and its role as a beacon of adherence to national rights and principles and national unity.

The event concluded with national songs and debkeh, as well as greetings and speeches from various national forces and popular movements.



On December 10, 2010, the PFLP in Arraba, outside Jenin, the hometown of Abu Ali Mustafa, held a mass march and rally commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the Front.

Members and supporters of the PFLP, as well as represntatives of the national and Islamic factions and popular institutions participated in the march, which held up Palestinian flags and PFLP banners, singing national and revolutionary songs.

Comrade Jaffer Abusalah delivered the main speech on behalf of the Front, emphaisizing that this was a time in which national unity and a new national political path based on resistance and defending Palestinian rights, rejecting futile negotiations and U.S. hegemony, was deeply needed. He demanded an immediate end to negotiations and security cooperation with the occupation, denouncing the PA security forces’ prosecution of activists and resistance fighters.

Comrade Abusalah saluted all of the Palestinian prisoners, comrade Sa’adat at their head, in the prisons of the Zionist enemy, and in particular, the prisoners serving long sentences. He noted that this was also the 23rd anniversary of the first Intifada, marking that anniversary and commemorating the prisoners who have been inside the jails of the occupier since before that Intifada.

The event closed with solidarity speeches, poetry and Palestinian national dance (debkeh.)


Beddawi camp

The PFLP in northern Lebanon held a mass rally marking its 43rd anniversary on Friday, December 10, 2010 in Beddawi refugee camp, with the participation of members and supporters of the Front, mass organiations in the camp, and representatives of Lebanese political parties and social and cultural institutions.

The marchers carried Palestinian flags, PFLP banners, and portraits of PFLP leaders, Dr. George Habash, Abu Ali Mustafa, Ghassan Kanafani, and imprisoned General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat, beginning in front of the PFLP office in the camp and proceeding to the martyrs’ cemetary

Comrade Emad Awadallah spoke on behalf of the Front, saying that “forty-three years later, we still hold high this banner. Generations will pass and will not weaken our will. We will remain loyal to our people and to the achievements of those who built this front, their great memory and their noble march.”

He emphasized that the cause of Palestine is the iconic symbol of freedom and justice to all progressive forces in the world, remembering the commitment to the masses of Al-Hakim (Dr. George Habash), the courage and integrity of Abu Ali Mustafa, the brilliance of Ghassan Kanafani and the commitment of Wadi’ Haddad, a legacy that continues today.

Comrade Nabil Said, a member of the Lebanon Central Committee of the Front announced the beginning of activities marking the passing of Dr. George Habash in January 2008 as a continuation of the anniversary events, before the march closed with national songs and art.


Al-Buss Camp

The PFLP in el-Buss camp in Lebanon marked the 43rd anniversary of the Front’s founding on December 10, 2010, in a rally widely attended by political, social, and cultural organizations in the camp as well as members and supporters of the Front.

Comrade Ahmed Murad, member of the Lebanon Central Committee of the PFLP, spoke on behalf of the Front, emphasizing that the road of struggle and resistance would continue until liberation. He emphasized adherence to the national rights of the Palestinian people. He added that the option of unity, steadfastness and resistance are the cornerstones of the protection of rights and the achievement of victory.

Comrade Murad spoke about the suffering of the Palestinian people in Lebanon, saying that the Palestinian presence in Lebanon is a forced and temporary measure, until we are able to return to our land and homes from which we were uprooted in 1948. He affirmed the rejection of all resettlement and displacement plots, and stressed that the camps are emblems of steadfastness and resistance, rejecting any attempt to portray them as lawless. He said further that the Palestinian people in Lebanon are the people of resistance in the face of any Zionist aggression aimed at undermining Lebanon and its resistance.

In conclusion, Comrade Murad paid tribute to the imprisoned Secretary-General, Comrade Ahmed Sa’adat, and to all prisoners in Israeli jails. He also saluted the fallen leaders and comrades George Habash, Abu Ali Mustafa, and Ghassan Kanafani, Wadih Haddad, Guevara Gaza and the long convoy of martyrs of the front and the revolution.


Northern Gaza and Rafah

The PFLP in northern Gaza organized a march on December 10, 2010 marking the 43rd anniversary of the launch of the PFLP, marching from the north of Beit Hanoun through Sheikh Zayed and Beit Lahiya neighborhoods. Hundreds of cars and motorcycles and thousands on foot participated in the procession, urging participation in Saturday’s mass rally.

Comrade Mohammed Yahya, member of the Central Committee in the are, praised the comrades of the Front and its role in building national unity. He sent greetings from the north of Gaza to Comrade Sa’adat, saluting the imprisoned comrades.

The Front in Rafah also held a similar motorcycle caravan, carrying red PFLP banners and Palestinian flags throughout Rafah’s neighborhoods, calling upon all to participate in the mass rally on Saturday in Gaza City.



The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Bethlehem area held a march on December 11, 2010 in order to promote the large commemoration of the Front’s anniversary that will take place on Wednesday, December 15

Members and supporters of the Front marched through the streets and alleys of the camp, accompanied by a sound car, chanting slogans against Palestinian division, demanding an end to security cooperation with the occupier and playing revolutionary songs.

Solidarity Greetings

From Éirígí

Éirígí would like to send revolutionary greeetings and congratulations to the PFLP on the great occasion of its 43rd anniversary and the great success the event has been.

The PFLP has been steadfast and unwaivering in its resistance to Zionist occupying forces, and this resistance has been an inspiration to many struggles around the world, including our own struggle here in Ireland. We wish continued success to the PFLP in its struggle for the political, social and economic liberation of the Palestinian people.

From Germany

We – Friends of the PFLP – are conveying our warmest congratulations to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and to the Palestinian People. On the occasion of the 43rd Anniversary of the foundation of the PFLP, we are very glad to see the continuing steadfastness of the Arab people in general and the Palestinian in special against the Zionist racist and colonialist project.

The PFLP has not only a glorious past in the Palestinian struggle, but in the worldwide fight against imperialism and injustice. Today, the PFLP calls for the national unity which indeed is the only way to confront the aggressive and ruthless occupation. Even its General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat suffers in the occupation jail with “Israel” violating even the most basic human rights of political prisoners. But nothing could change the clear position of the party and comrade Sa’adat. The PFLP will never abandon the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, and we in Europe will never abandon our comrades in Palestine. Instead, we are working to intensify the BDS-Campaign and expose the racist nature of the Zionist entity, which is given a free hand by nearly every western government.

We – Friends of the PFLP – are spreading the PFLP statements, interviews and reports on activities in German language as well as general reports about Palestine. We got a very good response to our work. On this occasion, we are calling on the Palestinians, Arabs and Anti-imperialists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to support Palestine and the PFLP by

  • putting our articles on Blogs, social networks and leftist forums
  • developing and intensifying campaigns for solidarity with Palestine
  • boycotting 729-Products “Made in Israel” and spreading this call

We know that the German government – no matter which party is the ruling one – offers unconditional support for “Israel”. However, surveys proof that a majority of the German citizens oppose this position. In future, this opposition will develop further as the Zionist leadership no longer hides its real agenda which is about killings and arrogance.

Glory to the PFLP and the Palestinian liberation movement!
Down with the racist colonialist occupation project!
From the river to the sea – Palestine will be free!

From the Irish Republican Socialist Movement

On behalf of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement, the Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America send our revolutionary greetings to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of its founding.

When the IRSM was founded in 1974 by Seamus Costello, its two sections–the Irish Republican Socialist Party and the Irish National Liberation Army–unified the national liberation struggle against British occupation and the class struggle against capitalism into one struggle.

When the PFLP was founded in 1967 by Dr. George Habash, it too understood that national liberation and class liberation are inextricably linked. The defeat of both Zionism and capitalism are necessary to secure the full liberation of the Palestinian people.

As the foundations of the capitalist world continue to show the strain of the current global economic crisis, the need for revolutionaries everywhere to intensify their struggle is of paramount importance. The only resolution for the workers of the world is to rid ourselves of the problem, capitalism, and build the only solution, socialism.

We in the IRSM salute our comrades in the PFLP for 43 years of principled struggle by any means necessary against the illegitimate Zionist state and capitalist exploitation. We know that the victory of the Palestinian people will be a victory for all oppressed people.

We also repeat our previous calls for the immediate release of PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat, and all other Palestinian political prisoners and prisoners of war from Zionist prisons.

Onward to victory, comrades!


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