Remembering Brisenia Flores – 1 Year Later

From Immigration Clearinghouse.

It seems people have forgotten the events that took the life of 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her father one year ago today, an event largely ignored by the media.

At this hour, on this day, a group of American terrorists, calling themselves Minutemen American Defense, banged on the door of a residence in the 36000 block of Mesquite Road in Arivaca Arizona. Dressed in paramilitary camo and identifying themselves as law enforcement personnel, they demanded entry.

The father, Raul, made the fatal mistake of questioning why one of the “officers” weapon was wrapped in electrical tape. He was shot in the chest, point blank four times while his 9 year old daughter watched in horror.

Her final words were, “Why did you shoot my daddy”, before she was briefly interrogated and then shot point blank in the face twice.

The shooter, Jason Bush, acting under orders from Shawna Forde, then proceeded to try and murder the mother, Gina, who was on the phone to 911. She shot back wounding Bush and saving her own life in the process. The older sister was staying with her grandmother in another town close by and was spared.

The reason for this crime? Shawna Forde needed money to fund her “border operations” and thought she would find it in the Flores home.

There’s not much one can say about someone they never knew, but the impish smile of Brisenia, is seared into the mind of many, and there is many of us that will never forget her.

She was only 9 when Forde and her companions took it upon themselves to end her short life. She hadn’t lived long enough to make her mark on the world. She was just a child, loved by her mother, father and older sister, and by her friends at the elementary schoolshe attended in Arivaca.

Just a child, murdered because Shawna Forde could not leave any witnesses to her crime.

Forde and her cohorts remain in the Pima County Jail facing multiple counts, including capitol murder. Forde continues to proclaim her innocence saying she is a VICTIM of a government conspiracy. She has allegedly filed a multi count complaint with the ACLU protesting her incarceration as illegal and inhumane.

We continue to ask, what about the rights of Brisenia Flores and her father Raul? In the mind of Shawna Forde and others of her ilk, they were Mexican (American) and therefore worthless and expendable. Sadly, that attitude still prevails along the border in Arizona today.


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  1. Thanks for keeping this tragic story about this beautiful child in the publics eye.

    The trial of her accused killer, Minuteman Shawna Forde begins on January 11, 2011. We’re planning on following and reporting on the trial up to it’s obvious conclusion.

    We’d appreciate you helping us get the word out.

    You know, in Arizona, white against latino crimes are rarely prosecuted and when they are, the criminal usually is acquitted. That cannot and must not happen in this case.

    Feliz Ano Nuevo a todos

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