RSU Theory: Dialectical Materialism

The Utah Valley University Revolutionary Student Union is a non-tendency revolutionary group. According to them:

We do not believe our current systems of government, economy, and society are working for us. Moreover, we don’t believe that changes to the system with fix the problem. These systems are the problem. We need to replace these systems with new systems of politics, economics, and society. Hence, we are revolutionary.

However, we allow any revolutionary tendency. You can believe in violence or peaceful revolution. You can be a Marxist, Leninist, Maoist, Democratic Socialist, Social Democrat, Anarchist, Syndicalist, Mutualist, or any other ideology that doesn’t support our system of corporate capitalism.

You can check out their hompage at and follow them on Twitter at . They also have an excellent Youtube channel at .

Part of their purpose is to have talks about various aspects of history and political theory. The one I have posted below is frankly one of the best introductions to dialectical materialist thought that I have heard in sometime. For something so central to revolutionary Marxist thought, it often gets lost in translation to most people who do not have academic backgrounds in philosophy, so kudos to the RSU for putting this together.


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  1. Yes, thank you for putting this together. Greg is a genius and is doing some of the best work in Utah if not the nation.

  2. That he is. I really have to hand it to not only Greg though, but the entire Utah Valley Revolutionary Students Union. From what I have seen of them on the internet alone, especially their youtube channel, they seem to incredibly professional and know what they are doing. I also posted one of their history talks a few weeks back on the American Indian Movement, and it was also excellent.

    I’ve been so impressed by the UVU RSU that it has become the main model for the student organization I have helped to set up in my city, the Red Path Society.

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