A Public Statement Against Violence and Threats made by Harrison Helkrow

Harrison Helkrow is a well known indigenous “activist” in Canada with Red Power United and Sisters and Brothers in Solidarity, and has a large following with those groups on Facebook. However, he is also known for his incredibly abusive behaviour. He has threatened violence against other activists, uses homophobic slurs and denigrates women and even abused his own partner (made worse by his involvement with SBS, a group dedicated to missing and murdered Native women). He’s also accused a respected warrior and community organizer of being a child molester. Most shocking he has even named other Native activists to CSIS. He has since been reported to Facebook for this threats, but continues his harassment and abuse of other activists under the name “Native Rights.”

Many of us in the movement have become fed up with his threat of violence, homophobia and treatment of our sisters, daughters, mothers and wives and his snitching, and so we are spreading knowledge about Helkrow acts. People in the movement have a right to now what type of person they are getting involved with when they enter into certain actions and organization. You can check out two activist comrades speaking about him here.

By Krystalline Kraus

Harrison Helkrow (real name Harrison Friesen, also Native Rights on FB) has said he was “going to scalp me for my hair” and keep “my braids as trophies”.

I am reporting this publically because I will not be fearful or ashamed because of his attacks against me and the only way to combat violence within the community is to be open and not hide in shame when people are abusing us. We must reach out to each other if we are to heal from his attacks. And hopefully, he will then follow a path of healing for himself.

Among other comments, he has used homophobic slurs against important members of the community (including a spiritual healer) and derogatory language against women. I am not in a position to divulge their names since that is their decision.

This is just so you know what he is capable of and then you can make your own choice whether to associate with him. He is the leader of Red Power United and Sisters and Brothers in Solidarity.

He also has an open Gladue court case for domestic assault. I actually attended the first court appearance in full. The second, only the beginning in October and November 2010.

He also has the audacity to call those who have spoken up against his threats “undercover police agents” and/or “informers” in his paranoia and attempt to slander people’s good names when in fact it was he that voluntarily and willingly held two meetings with CSIS where he named the names of other Indigenous activists. For his own ego, he had these meetings filmed by APTN where they were broadcast. These two CSIS meetings were held just before the G20 protests in Toronto while at the same time Red Power United was assisting in organizing the June 24 Day of Action for Indigenous Rights.

He has also attacked numerous other people in the community and we need to all come forward to stop his kind of gendered violence against women (which harms the community as a whole).

Currently, he sits as the head of Sisters and Brothers in Solidarity, a group created to advocate for justice for murdered and missing Indigenous women. I was myself one of the original members of that group but quit because of Harrison’s harassing and controlling behaviour.

Also, I do not believe Harrison should be the head of a group created to bring an end of violence against women.

If Harrison is similarly threatening you or using abusive language towards you, the first step you can do is report the comments to Facebook. You can do so my clicking on his Native Rights profile, then on the bottom left there is a button to report his behaviour.

The next thing you can do is confide in a friend and seek help from the community closest to you. This is not your fault and together as a community we can end this violence and derogatory language.

No, this is not snitching, this is keeping a community safe.

I am not going to hide, isolate or feel ashamed that he is attacking me like I have done something to deserve this.

Know you don’t have to suffer this abuse from Harrison (aka Native Rights). We as a community don’t have to.

You should note that his Harrison Helkrow account was probably censored by Facebook because of exactly the same reason, so now he is using Native Rights to hide behind. He has been hiding behind the computer and lashes out at the community and yet has the audacity to claim he is “working for the community.”

Be well and stay strong! Together we can get through this. And hopefully, this insanity can stop and we can get back to the good work we’re all doing.

Krystalline Kraus

Comments that Harrison Helkrow has made to another FN activist:

Harrison Helkrow

You have alot of cool pics we are altering and that we are going to post all over the net!!

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Between You and Harrison Helkrow

…Harrison Helkrow February 1 at 12:37pm Report

We know about your history as a Child molster you wannabe Warrior..

You have alot of cool pics we are altering and that we are going to post all over the net!!

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Between You and Harrison Helkrow

Harrison Helkrow February 1 at 12:37pm Report

We know about your history as a Child molster you wannabe Warrior..

But Now word is is out. There are a whole lot of people that dislike you and our supporting us in our fight against you.

The other half of the people in our community are betting I can knock your fat ass out in 1 punch.. Lmao

Harrison Helkrow February 1 at 1:47pm Report

Lmao you dumbass, do you know who my cousin is?? *Besides thats something only chicken shits say when they have no real muscle…

Ive been around the block alot more times then you, Yoyu just a rez punk from the middle of no where who has never experienced the real world.

But yes I will tell these girls to start spreading the truth about you Johnny Chicken Hawk!!

Harrison Helkrow February 1 at 1:48pm Report

If your so tough come see me face to face… I’ve delt with many goofs and diddlers just like you in the Pen..

Krystalline Kraus



Next time you have something to say out of your fat mouth come say it to my face!! *You’ll be picking up your teeth with broken fingers internet warrior!!

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Native Rights


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Native Rights


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Native Rights

I love the profile pic you look like a Gay Mr T!!

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Native Rights


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Native Rights


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  1. the intro and the article itself were really damning. But the copy and paste quotes removed any ambiguity or reasonable doubt. This bloke is really really really dangerous and totally harms whatever movement he’s “supporting” nevermind LEADING.

  2. I am a two spirited woman whom has worked with Harrison and he has never made any homophobic slurs against me or any of my two spirited friends. All of our people have made mistakes in their lives and as long as they go for healing and ask for forgiveness we atand behind our people and help support them in their healing this is our responsibility to support each other not slander. Thank you Blu waters

  3. It’s not slandering “Harrison” to point out how he’s been a wrecker much of the time in the movement. Regardless of whether he’s used homophobic slurs against you is trivial, as he has done it, and I have myself witnessed it, a number of times in the past. As for healing and supporting people on their healing journey, the person first has to show themselves to be sincere. A number of times I’ve known people who have tried to bury the hatchet with this person only to have a bear trap be in the hole.

  4. Saw this posted on Wed May 25, 2011 under a Facebook event notification: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=115198078560431

    Harrison Helkrow
    We’ve all been waiting for this day!! One day someone should slap the white right out of your mouth. RPU will not back down to the likes of you? In reality who are you? you came out of no where last year and started to organize your stupid Ontario Grassroots movement. If you ask me I say your a imformant or some kind of Ratt!!
    Wednesday at 6:59pm · Like ·
    Harrison Helkrow
    Your a turn coat and you wanna challange me? bring it on John… Your a APPLE Red on the outside but White on the inside. Come see me thursday face to face
    Wednesday at 6:38pm · Like ·
    Harrison Helkrow
    Bahahahha *Yeah right John were going to follow your leadership? Lmfao
    Wednesday at 6:35pm · Like ·

  5. @Jacqueline:

    This is exactly the kind of stuff I am talking about! Harrison is incredibly poisonous to the movement. His movement wrecking along might cause me to think he is an agent, but combined with the apparent fact that he did rat out other Native activists to CSIS/RCMP around the time of the G20 I am now certain of it!

  6. Here was my own nightmare experience with Harrison Helkrow (Friesen) and his “bro”, Jayson Fleury:

    I only recently met Harrison and worked with him on one thing (the Snake Mound site at High Park), and this was through a disastrous (for me) friendship with his buddy, Jayson Fleury, from Vancouver. Jayson and Harrison know each other well and are pretty good friends. Harrison Helkrow (Friesen) and Jayson Fleury are two men I regret ever meeting and getting involved with on ANY level with ANY issue, no matter how noble and just the cause.

    Had I not met so many other First Nations/Native American people that are decent people, I would be very reticent to support any more First Nations/Native American causes, and I would be very reluctant to try and be friends with other First Nations/Native Americans. This is because of how badly I got treated by Jayson and his “bro”, Harrison.

    Before meeting Jayson and subsequently Harrison, I had never before had the opportunity to meet or befriend any Native American/First Nations people. So I had no preconceived notions about aboriginal people (other than I think Adam Beach and Michael Greyeyes are the most breathtakingly gorgeous men on the planet!). I grew up in a poor Philadelphia ghetto and only recently moved across state to Erie, and I had been fighting my own battles against out-of-control patriarchal capitalism here in the states.

    I initially felt very positive and happy to have the chance to be friends with Jayson and Harrison and learn about First Nations/Native American culture and work with them for social justice — be it on sacred sites issues, land claim issues, police brutality issues, or missing women issues.

    Jayson’s younger sister Mona Wilson was one of the victims of serial killer Robert “Willie” Pickton. It was in researching the Pickton case debacle that I befriended Jayson (biggest mistake in my entire 44 years of life!). I felt very bad for him because of what happened to his sister, and I also fell head over heels for him very hard. That’s a mistake I will never repeat again. Ever.

    As a very poor (no income at all other than my now-reduced food stamps and about $30/mo in book sale royalties) struggling author/freelance writer, I used what little money I had scrounged from a year and a half of salvaging scrap metal to cover the cost of my airfare and rental car to go to Vancouver to meet Jayson in person (and use my “power of the pen” as a published author to help with the Missing/Murdered Women cause) after several months of communicating online through Facebook and talking on the phone with him.

    Unfortunately, I found out that Jayson and Harrison are both very selfish, and that Harrison has a cruel streak and is very egotistical. He thinks nothing of being abusive to his friends the minute he doesn’t get his way. Neither Harrison nor Jayson seem to appreciate those — regardless of race or gender — who genuinely care about them and who try to be a good friend to them. Instead, they’re both about using and abusing people — especially poor and vulnerable women, particularly if they’re non-Native women.

    First, Jayson ripped me off and then he left me stranded without a nickel in my pocket or any gas in my 15 yr old pickup truck in the middle of downtown Toronto just a little over a week ago after his buddy Harrison called me (twice), telling me that it was important for both me and Jayson to somehow get from my place in Erie, PA up to Toronto to help with this Snake Mounds “occupation” and for me to call him (Harrison) “as soon as we cross the big water” (Harrison’s exact words to me on the phone).

    The first cold and rainy night of being in Toronto at the park, Jayson deprived me of the use my own sleeping bag and forced me to sleep on the cold, hard and wet tent floor with nothing but a small blanket while he ensured his own comfort.

    The next day, Jayson had me drive him to another buddy’s place (Gary Wassaykeesic) — presumably because Jayson really didn’t want to be bothered with the Snake Mounds camp-in action because it was rainy, cold, and also because he didn’t want to break a sweat in helping the others take down the BMX bike ramps at the Snake Mound site.

    While at Gary’s, Jayson verbally attacked me and accused me of going off with another man from Harrison’s camp at Snake Mounds. He said that Harrison told him I was off having sex with another man from the camp (a big fat lie!!). So, Jayson lied and picked a fight with me and put on the jealous boyfriend act, even though he previously told me over and over that we were “just friends” and that he was not interested in anything with me other than strictly friendship and working together on Native rights issues.

    The next morning, Jayson stopped by his old landlord’s (who gave him a check for $200), and then went to an Ontario welfare office where he got another immediate welfare check. He refused to give me one penny out of ANY of it even though he owed me a lot of money already (which I could not afford to be out). He made sure that he only put enough gas in my old truck to take him to where he wanted to go within Toronto. The rest he spent on weed. Everything was all about him.

    At his request on the promise that he would put gas in my truck since the tank was empty, I drove him (with my truck on fumes at that point) to the Native Friendship Center where I ran into Harrison and Jonathon Jabokwoam (who I think is a very sweet person, BTW).

    While Jayson and Gary went off by themselves, Harrison asked me why Jayson and I left the camp. I told him the truth: I told him about Jayson’s false accusations and that I had to drive Jayson to his old landlord’s for him to get some money. After Jayson got the money, he didn’t give me anything for gas in the truck and he refused to repay me at least some of what he owed me (which I desperately need so I can pay to get a broken abscessed tooth pulled, put some food on my table, pay for an ophthalmologist appointment for my glaucoma monitoring, and buy toilet paper and soap).

    Jayson only put barely enough gas in my truck to take him from Gary’s to the Friendship Center. All I wanted was to go back home at that point — I was fed up with the way I was being treated.

    When Jayson saw me talking with Harrison and Jonathon he took off and disappeared, leaving me totally stranded among strangers in the middle of downtown Toronto, about 200 miles from Erie, PA where I live.

    Harrison asked me to walk with him and Jonathon down the street while he did some errands. While we walked (during which my back and left ankle gave out on me because I am not physically fit nor able-bodied due to injuries from a 20 yr old car accident ), he got a call on his cell phone from someone back at the camp telling him that the media showed up. Harrison got very agitated because only he, David Redwolf, and Laurie Waters were authorized to speak to the media (because mainstream media always twists everything). When Jonathon said something in a joking way while we were walking, Harrison snapped and got very verbally abusive towards Jonathon (who is supposedly Harrison’s best friend, mind you).

    Jonathon saw that I was very uncomfortable and full of anxiety at that point and told me not to worry because Harrison “always gets like that when he’s in work mode.”

    I felt very uncomfortable because there was nothing I could do to extricate myself from the situation. I was having trouble walking due to my physical disabilities. It was raining and cold and I had nowhere warm, dry and safe to go to rest. I had no gas and toll money to drive myself back home. I had no food. Nothing. I didn’t even have any clean clothes left. And I was an outsider among strangers.

    If the Snake Mounds issue mattered so much to Jayson and Harrison that Harrison needed me to come and bring Jayson and also give my support by being there with them, Harrison should have had a back-up plan for potential problems with the media so there wouldn’t have been an issue with Rick (or any others) talking to reporters, and Jayson shouldn’t have bailed so he could party his way back to Vancouver — after I went out on a limb and put my own needs aside for him and all the others because I was truly committed and genuinely cared.

    Once we got back to the camp, I just sat quietly near the fire to try to keep warm and tried to stay out of the way. I sensed the growing tension between Harrison and some of the others at the camp, especially towards Rick MacRae, the Iroquois elder, and his helper, a nice young Metis kid named Shawn. This was a hornet’s nest I did not need to be in the middle of.

    Things came to a head and erupted the next day when Harrison and Rick argued over Rick’s answering reporters’ questions when the media showed up while Harrison was downtown with Jonathon (when they met up with me when Jayson vanished).

    Harrison spoke with David on his cell phone and things heated up between them and Rick and Rick’s helper. It ended with David and/or Harrison calling the cops on Rick and making Rick put out the sacred fire in an improper hurry and leave the camp. This was because of the negative media attention that they blamed Rick for because Rick spoke to reporters when none of the authorized people were present to do so at the time that the media showed up.

    Harrison told me I should leave the camp as well — even though he knew I had no gas, my tank was empty, and no money to get back home after going broke to drive myself and Jayson up there at his request in the first place because the Snake Mound issue was so important.

    So I left and gave Rick and Shawn a ride home after Rick put a little bit of gas in my truck. Rick offered to put me up and help me get enough funds by approaching the appropriate people at the Friendship Center on the evening of the drum social to request a blanket dance to raise what was needed so I could get back home. He offered me either some cushions on the floor or his couch for a warm, safe and dry place to sleep, and he offered me the use of his shower so I could get cleaned up and use of his laundry facilities so I’d have clean clothes. He did not try to take advantage of me as a poor and vulnerable woman with nowhere else to turn. Instead, he helped me.

    The next evening (the night of the drum social and blanket dance) when Harrison saw me standing next to Rick, Shawn and Danny outside of the Friendship Center, he came and began verbally attacking Rick.

    Harrison got extremely verbally abusive and nasty towards me saying that I had “no right to be there” (at the center) and that I had “disrespected him and his people” — saying that I had taken Rick’s side against him because I drove Rick back to his apartment after David and Harrison made Rick and Shawn leave the camp by calling the police.

    Eventually, Harrison left. And thanks to the warm generosity of all the First Nations people who donated funds at the blanket dance, I was able to get back home with $15 to spare. At least some people know the truth, which was that I did not disrespect Harrison nor First Nations people.

    It was Harrison who told me to drive Rick and Shawn home.

    I did not take anyone’s side against Harrison, or “disrespect him and his people” by driving Rick and Shawn home from the camp after the cops were called to remove Rick — Harrison told me I was no longer needed at the site and that I should drive Rick and Shawn home. What did he expect me to do? He didn’t offer to put me up at his home and help me secure the funds for gas and tolls to get back home, even though he was the one who told me to come to Toronto and bring Jayson (who bailed) in the first place, assuring me that I would be taken care of for getting back home in case anything went wrong.

    If anyone disrespected Harrison or “his people”, it was Harrison himself and also Jayson for dumping me there, leaving me stuck with no way to fend for myself in the first place.

    Both Jayson and Harrison knew my situation. They knew I was in poor health and physically disabled with spinal cord injuries from an old car accident. They knew I was desperately poor without any safety net at all. They also know I am battling glaucoma without ANY access to medical care to preserve my eyesight and ensure that I won’t go blind from something that is easily treatable (if one has the money to pay for care). But neither of them cared. They’re only out for themselves.

    Jayson lied to me and ripped me off by not making good on his promise to cover me for the rental car cost to drive him from Vancouver across the continent instead of simply letting me return the rental car to the Sea-Tac airport and board the plane for my return flight home on April 26th. Then his buddy Harrison lied to me by telling me on the phone (after I finally made it home to Erie from Vancouver) not to worry and that if I came up there to Toronto with Jayson, I wouldn’t be left in a lurch after getting there. Well, Harrison lied. Just like his buddy Jayson. They’re both selfish and they’re both liars and users hiding behind a cause for their own gain.

    They knew that I had a very big heart, and they used that to play me for a fool when I befriended them in good faith with an open mind and open heart. I went out of my way to prove I really cared about the social justice issues they claim to be fighting for. Apparently, to the both of them that meant I was just “disposable doormat.” To them, I’m just some subhuman on whom it was open season for them to rip off and abuse because I’m only a “stupid white woman who doesn’t belong on stolen Native land.”

    Jayson said he felt justified in ripping off and hurting a poor disabled white woman (me) because of what “my people” did to his people.

    My family were illiterate, dirt poor rural shtetl-dwelling Orthodox (non-Zionist Chassidic) Jews from Eastern Europe. They didn’t do anything to Jayson’s people, except flee by night and fog to the shores of North America seeking refuge from the horrors of Nazi Europe, to escape the Holocaust (in which most of my family perished because they were too poor to afford forged ID papers and passage on a ship) with just the clothes on their backs — literally.

    My grandparents never made it out of poverty after coming here no matter how hard they tried, and neither did I. I was orphaned and homeless on the streets of Philadelphia when I was only 13 with no way to support myself as a poor girl in a rich man’s world.

    To Jayson and Harrison (and anyone else in the movement who enjoys abusing their non-Native allies and friends), I would like to say this:

    “Please forgive my Bubbe and Zaydie for coming here because they desperately needed to live. They did not know that you would hate them and their granddaughter (me) and resent them (and me) for being “white.” They did not know that you wanted them to be sent back to Naziland where they would have been burned up into oblivion in the ovens of Auschwitz. Please forgive them for not wanting to go “up the chimney” along with six million of their fellow Jews whose ashes and bones remain at Chelmno, Sobibor, Belzec, Treblinka, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, and Jasenovac where they can be seen to this day. Please forgive them for fleeing to the only safe haven that would accept them when they fled certain brutal death 73 years ago immediately after Kristallnacht when they saw the writing of the “Final Solution” on the wall. Please forgive me for being born in the US to the daughter of Holocaust survivors and for being too poor, too disabled and too old to just pack up and leave North America and get a new life somewhere else, even though living in America is the only life I know.”

    (And no, no one in my family got a nickel in Holocaust reparations, and yes there are some very poor Jews who never persecuted anybody — I’m one of them!)

    For either Harrison or Jayson to say that all non-Natives including me, a poor disabled 44 yr old woman with NOTHING, should “get on a boat and go back to Europe” — the very place that tried to kill every last Jew, Serb, and Roma, a place that won’t take an economic refugee from the states who is disabled and poor, over age 40, without a PhD in order to be employable — just because I’m “white”, is beyond abusive and unfair.

    I was born in America to a mother that was born in America to Holocaust survivors. I am an American. And I have just as much of a right to live here without being abused or discriminated against or oppressed as Harrison, Jayson, or any First Nations person. I should not be blamed or punished for injustices committed by others; I can only do my part to fight against injustice and try to be a good person.

    Jayson justified ripping me off and then abandoning me with no money, no food, no gas in my truck and dumping me off on total strangers without any way of getting home when I have NO income and NO living family to turn to for help just so he could “settle the score” for injustices I am not responsible for.

    Hurting someone who was nothing but a good friend and ally, for the status crime of Living While Non-Native in their country — that attitude isn’t any different than that of certain Europeans who took everything from my people, herded them into sealed ghettos, and then marched them at gunpoint onto the death trains that took them straight to the gas chambers and crematoriums of Auschwitz-Birkenau…for the status crime of Living While Non-Aryan in the lands in which they were born.

  7. Maggie Dodd White Eagle

    Seems there is too much time on peoples hands and the issues are being ignored. Everybody leave the egos behind and focus on what needs to be done for the traditional gov. movement. If you are confused as to who to follow? Real leaders do not want anybody following them..come together..get work done and everybody go home your own ways. IF you are confused as to what issues need to be addressed…talk to your chief or call the area chiefs and ask them what issues need volunteers. Make sure your time is well spent and do not..I repeat…do NOT put yourself in any situation where you cannot provide for yourself or your safety. Just my opinion.

  8. Maggie Dodd White Eagle

    Just another thought….ask yourself before volunteering money and time etc….what is the goal of this issue…is this a personal agenda or is it good for the tribe, the elders and the youth…is this an obtainable positive result in what amount of time…can I afford to support the length of time this issue will take…is there a systems plan to achieve the positive result…are we all aware of the system or is it being held “secret” so “they” whoever “they” are won’t know about it? I’m sure I’ll think of 100 more things to ask yourself before you get into a situation or lend support to an issue…this is just off the cuff…. after you ask yourself these questions…if all your answers seem reasonable and positive then by all means throw in your support and make a difference. If not or if things are not clear to you etc…get more information.

    It is my opinion that anybody who has the resources, the desire, the commitment and the heart to help should be respected and appreciated for their commitment and assistance. How can we fight for and expect others to respect the tribes, the women etc. if all are not treated with respect who assist in the fight?

    My best to you all and many blessings.

  9. Red Power United is a scam perpetrated by a hustler of Indigenous resistance– Harrison Friesen, and those foolish enough to associate themselves with him. He is reportedly a Cree from Alberta and currently attempting to hustle money and status in the Winnipeg area.

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