Comrade Mizher: Elections Require National Unity and Must Encompass All Palestinians

From the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, revolutionary organization fighting for national liberation and socialism in Palestine.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said in a statement on February 13, 2011 that it is critical to engage in a full review of the entire approach and policy of the Oslo accords and negotiations that followed. It called for elections for a new Palestinian National Council in Palestine and in diaspora and exile, saying that such PNC elections involving all forces and factions provide a national democratic exit from crisis and division, and can strengthen the steadfastness and resistance of the Palestinian people in order to defeat the occupation and achieve their national rights to freedom, self-determination and return.

The Front said that the tragic results of  two decades of futile negotiations require the end of all miscellaneous obligations undertaken on the basis of the Oslo accords, including security coordination with the occupation. It called for an immediate comprehensive national dialogue to develop a political strategy and a unified national leadership on the basis of the national conciliation document developed by Palestinian prisoners and the Cairo Declaration, the 2005 agreement calling for the PLO’s expansion to include all Palestinian parties, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad. It said that this would reestablish the status of the PLO as the sole legitimate representative of our people and their struggle for liberation, to acheive all of their objectives, including the inalienable right to return, self-determination, full sovereignty and our capital in Jerusalem.

The Front commented that the decision to hold presidential and legislative elections without national unity or a national dialogue will only increase the national division and help to erode our national constants at a time that the protection of national rights, steadfastness, and the restoration of unity must be key. It emphasized that in light of democratic and national changes across the region, the Palestinian people must move now to end the absurd path of defeat and strengthen our struggle and resistance.

In addition, Comrade Jamil Mizher, member of the Central Committee of the PFLP, called upon Palestinian parties, particularly Fateh and Hamas, to learn the lessons of Tunisia and Egypt, saying that factional and partisan interests must not come before the interests of the Palestinian people as a whole. In an interview with Al-Quds Radio in Gaza, Comrade Mizher said  that “thousands have offered their lives, tens of thousands, have been jailed and injured on our path to freedom and independence. We will not accept the continued failure of our leaders.”

Comrade Mizher said that while the Palestinian case is different from the situation in Tunisia and Egypt, we must not lose our hope and our confidence in the possibilities of our people. He noted that the Palestinian people led the first and second intifada and have persevered in national struggle for decades; he pointed out that it was clear that the Egyptian people never did lose hope, and we have now seen the results of their determination and rejection of the corrupt regime of tyranny, and now, their victory.

He said that elections are needed as a democratic way to end hegemony, but that they require a national consensus and a prior end to division in order not to deepen the existing division.

Comrade Mizher concluded by expressing his most sincere congratulations to the Egyptian people in their uprising and revolution against the corrupt and oppressive Egyptian regime of Camp David.


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