Amiri Baraka, Tom Porter, Rosa Clemente Debate Electoral Politics

Jared Ball, the host of Jazz and Justice on Voxunion, reminded me about this three year old post with a Facebook post this morning. It’s an oldie, but a goody, so I’m sharing it around, in particular because the Revolutionary Communist Party-Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire is beginning a campaign to boycott the incredibly-likely-to-be-happening-in-the-near-future-federal elections.

Amiri Baraka, Tom Porter and Rosa Clemente all joined Jazz and Justice this week and can be heard debating Obama v. McKinney. We invite you check out this “redux” of the program and encourage that you support this liberated masses medium of WPFW 89.3 FM in Washington, DC by purchasing the entire program for $20. or make a contribution toVoxunion Media today.

100608p1.mp3 Part 1

100608p2.mp3 Part 2

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