Obama Restores Old Roman Coliseum Bloodbaths

MNN. May 4, 2011. US President Obama made the decision to send assassins to disfigure and brutally murder someone he said was Osama Bin Laden. Rather than capture and question a mastermind, they kill him and cowardly feed him to the sharks. Obama invited his powerful government decision makers to become desensitized to human slaughter by watching a live stream public killing.

Obama misnamed it “Operation Geronimo”. Factually the Apache Warrior was a respected military genius who brilliantly evaded the US and Mexican armies simultaneously. In 1889 he was forced to surrender when they threatened to capture and kill his people. The US ignored these conditions.

Geronimo’s skull was taken to the Yale Skull and Crossbones Secret Society for use in their covert initiations of the elite. Using his name to murder Osama Bin Laden indicates they are behind this bloody carnage and bragging about it. Their message is, “We will eliminate anyone who opposes our worldwide totalitarian agenda and war against brown-skinned people”.

Osama Bin Laden was supposedly in a house near the US run Pakistani military academy. The US Navy Seals wore helmets with cameras to film the operation. They came down in choppers, shot him in the face in cold blood, took his body and dropped it into the ocean.

Obama’s staff watched it to be part of and to own it. Like a school of sharks circling a bleeding body, they went into a feeding frenzy, transfixed as they watched the supposed Bin Laden die in agony. The President stirred up the blood lust to prepare his officials for the attempted conquest and expansion of US imperialism.

Obama whet the public’s appetite for blood by organizing street celebrations and to promote vicious spectator sports, akin to snuff films.

This is reminicent to the Roman Coliseum blood spectacles where people were forced to watch their men kill each other to get them used to how cheap their lives were.

Hitler mesmerized the German youth to march off to war by carefully conditioning and selecting those that would kill, torture and purge the world without blinking an eye.

President Obama told the media that Bin Laden fired shots from an automatic and used his wife as a shield. This lie was retracted. He was unarmed and did not hide behind his wife.

Are we sure it was Osama Bin Laden? The victim’s face was blown apart. Initial pictures looked like photo shop amalgamation of another dead man made to look like Bin Laden.

Bin Laden was never charged with 911 because there was no evidence.

The President and Congress congratulated themselves on the ruthless killing. Their message is, “We don’t arrest. There is no judicial process. We kill you and then dump your body”, just like the mafia.

The President is trying to assert the law of the Obama jungle, “We can eliminate anyone who speaks against our totalitarian agenda”. Dictators worldwide are being encouraged to do the same.

In our way when any warrior dies, we honor them, their nobility and dignify them with a respectful burial.

We Indigenous are being targeted to usurp our birthright and our rightful voice as the true spokespeople of Great Turtle Island and the Western Hemisphere. White and Black people know they don’t naturally belong here and can’t legitimately speak for us.

To stop these indignities to our fellow humans, we must teach the Great Law of Peace and assert our voice.

Mohawk Nation News


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  1. Chuck Finale

    Bin Laden was never charged with 911 because there was no evidence.

    *raises eybrow*
    I’ve seen this phrase before, I don’t get it.

    Are they doubting BinLaden’s 911 connection or are they saying that the judicial wing is more prudential than the military wing and they disagree?

  2. I’ve actually got no idea.

    To tell you the truth, I don’t post a lot of Mohawk Nation News stuff anymore because they have shown themselves to be quite prone to buying into various conspiracy theories.

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