UPDATE from Six Nations Youth Centre Reclamation

Sacred Fire still going strong.

Had good (long)youth meeting on site. About 30 youth were there. People coming going all day. Rained a bit, teyethinonwaraton ne kahneki:yo ne ki ne etho entewe tayotennyonhatye tsi yonhwentsya:te (We give thanks for the good waters for it is this where it comes from the continual change on Mother earth). Support has come in the form of tents, teepees, water, food, tobacco, wood and friendship (among other things). Tekwanonwaratons tsi she:kon takwahretya:ron. (We thank those who continue to show their support)

The youth at the new reclaimed youth center space respectfully ask for continued support. Here are some things we are asking for: flash/flood lights, cell phone minutes (VIRGIN mobile), Healthy Home-Cooked food (mostly chips and cookies right now), flags (kahswentha, unity etc), folding tables, Letters of Support, blankets/sleeping bags, umbrellas, tarps, bugspray, sunscreen(NOTE: Check sunscreen has no Retinyl palmitate or Vitamin A palmitate as studies have shown it to cause cancer in sunlight, in case you are unaware), projector for movie nite, megaphone, and SOLIDARITY ACTION skennen akenhakh (it will be the peacefullness)

The youth would like to thank all who have contributed so far. There have been donations of water, food, tobacco, medicine, drum/singing, audio equipment usage, gas, tents, blankets, wood, teepee, picnic tables, time and friendship (among other things) and for this we the Youth @Six Nations thank you. tekwanonhwaratons tsi she:kon takwahretsya:ron. skennen akenhakh. ta’ ne’e etho. (we give our thanks/respects/and minds for your continued support. it will become the peace. and that is it.)

NOTICE to all Youth and Supporters
Meeting today (24th)
4:00pm indian time or is that standard time, I don’t know know time zones…
band council elect commons
Bring your youth. Bring your voice. Bring yourself. Bring a friend…
skennen akenhakh ta’ ne’ etho.

 Indigenous Anticapitalist Network


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