Wikileaks: U.S. Cables on the Mohawks

The US Embassies in Montreal and Quebec monitored Mohawks and Indigenous activists. In a series of cables released by Wikileaks in May, the US Ambassadors in Canada make it clear that no one wants to fight the Mohawks.

In fact, the US Embassy in Ottawa points out that the Canadian Border Guards feared the Mohawks.

In a cable dated July 30, 2009, from Ottawa, Terry Breese, deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy, wrote about the Canadian Border Services Agency.

“The CBSA customs post on Cornwall Island (Kawehnoke) located on the Mohawk reserve territory of Akwesasne on the Canada-U.S. border closed on May 31. Canadian border guards had left the post citing fears of a violent confrontation with Mohawk residents, who opposed a CBSA directive requiring border guards to carry firearms at the Canadian port-of-entry, effective June 1.”

The Canadian Border Guards Union said Mohawks were intimidating them.

“The MCA (Mohawk Council of Akwesasne) has accused CBSA agents at the Cornwall island border post of harassment, intimidation, and racial profiling of Mohawk residents, while the border guards’ union has reported that Mohawks on the reserve had harassed and intimidated its members,” Wikileaks said in the July 30, 2009 cable.

So far, there has only been only one benign mention of the Zapatistas in the diplomatic cables. However, there are more than a dozen detailed cables about the Mohawks and aboriginal Canadians. Border crossing, land rights and treaties are among the issues.

Earlier in 2010, before Wikileaks dominated the headlines, Wikileaks revealed Canada’s illegal wiretaps of Mohawks.


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