For the Reconstruction of our Mapuche Nation: All Forms of Struggle and Resistance

The Arauco Malleco Coordinator (CAM), in the context of the Cañete trial and the current hunger strike that our Weichafe (Warriors) have undertaken, we declare:

Unto the economic powers sustained by the Creole oligarchs and transnational corporations that ferment an oppressive State unto the Mapuche Nation, with the objective of consolidating the capitalist investments in Ancestral Mapuche territory, developing policies of extermination against our Peoples…

Unto the pseudo-democrats that have governed Chile in the last decades, defenders of a capitalist system and neo-liberal model that condemns our Nation, as with the Chilean peoples….

Unto the totalitarian control of the mass media, controlled by the oligarchs that are set against the struggle of the Mapuche People, where we are made to appear as delinquents and terrorists…

Unto the “pseudo Mapuche activists” who resort to lies and accommodate themselves to maintain their security, integrity and personal privileges…

Unto the prevaricating judges that convicted our Weichafe (Warriors)…

WE DECLARE: The Weichafe of the CAM together with our Machi (Medicine Keepers), Lonko (Chiefs), and Werken (Spokespeople) reaffirm our actions with the political consequence and moral traditional of the Mapuche People.

We continue to exist as an expression of our People that recognizes the large tradition of struggle of our ancestors, Kuifikeche, recognizing that it will be impossible to reach our liberation without the use of ALL FORMS OF STRUGGLE.

We reaffirm our condition as an oppressed Nation, considering the long and bloody history which we as a People have had to endure since the arrival of the Spanish colonizers to the repressive policies of recent governments, in using massacres, deaths, rape, arson, theft and humiliation which continue to this day, and therefore have a right to rebellion.

We will continue to propose the resistance and reconstruction of our people as the two central ideas in a strategy of national liberation. It is for this reason that we struggle for the reclamation of our territories, confronting the presence of forestry/logging corporations, developing productive reclamations as the clear cutting of exotic forests, sowing and harvests, the conservation of the soil and waters, and practicing our traditions.

In this context we assert the actions of our Weichafe (Warriors) who are willing give their lives for their People if necessary.

The most dignified attitude towards the judicialization and political prison is disobedience and rebellion, seeking refuge in our People and to go underground before accepting spurious convictions. For those who have been incarcerated, their obligation is to make the prisons into permanent trenches for justice and freedom.

We call out to our people maintain their dignity and autonomy. To not fear the Right, that also holds political power today, and to not receive their scraps and projects through Plan Araucania.

We greet our brothers and sisters that continue to struggle in different communities in Wallmapu, reclaiming their ancient territories, resisting the forestry corporations, damsand other capitalist investments.

The advancement of our People cannot be detained, less negotiated.





From Mapuche Territory, June 4th, 2011

Coordinadora Mapuche Arauco Malleco – Arauco Malleco Coordinator


Distributed by:

The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu

WCCC [Toronto]



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