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Colombia: Indigenous Peoples Mobilize For Autonomy And Peace On Their Territories

The oldest and strongest grassroots indigenous organization in Colombia, The Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (CRIC), has issued a call for a “Minga of resistance” to restore autonomy and peace throughout Indigenous territories in the Colombian state of Cauca.

The call for a “Minga”–a term that refers to a traditional gathering or activity for the collective good–arrives just ten days after The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) carried out a series of violent attacks in at least 5 indigenous communities.

As noted by the WW4 Report, “In the early hours of July 9, FARC guerillas attacked the central plaza of the indigenous Nasa (Páez) village Toribio in Colombia’s Cauca department, leaving two civilian residents dead and 73 injured. The attack, with improvised explosives, came at the start of a market day in the village.” Read the rest of this entry


Living as Onkwehón:we in Occupied Anówara

In the last couple of days comrades and other people in the so-called “United States” have been passing around the results of a recent survey which has demonstrated the (obvious) huge gulf in wealth between the white oppressor nation and the colonized African nation and so-called “Hispanics.” According to the study, the widening wealth gap of 20 to 1 for Africans and 18 to 1 for “Hispanics” was the largest since the organisation that conducted the survey began collecting data 25 years ago.

As is pretty par for the course with this kind of thing we who are the original people of this occupied continent are conveniently left out of any discussion. To help add a red perspective on the discussion of just how shitty it is to live as a member of the colonized nations on this continent I present to you these stats (that I have posted before) before that paint a picture of what it is like to live on one of “America’s” most well known reservations, the Lakota community of Pine Ridge. Read the rest of this entry

Communiqué from Barriere Lake: No More Exploration of Unceded Algonquin Territory

Algonquins of Barriere Lake are celebrating the suspension of mining exploration in their territory by Cartier Resources Inc. — a Val d’Or based corporation — after it had begun line-cutting in preparation for its mining exploration earlier this year. On the company’s request, the government of Quebec has now suspended the term of Cartier Resource’s 1,052 mineral claims in the territory until July 3, 2013, No exploration activity can take place on the claims during this time period while further consultations take place.

This prompted fierce resistance from members of the Algonquins of Barriere Lake who expressed concerns about the resource extraction, especially with regards to land ownership – the Algonquin Territory is considered as unceded according to British Common Law – and mining ethics,  both are situations that apparently violate international and nation-to-nation protocols for the management of indigenous lands. Read the rest of this entry