What to the Native is the Fourth of July?

This is what it sounds like when Jaguars cry. This is what it feels like when the Eagles fly. This is what it looks like to watch them all die. This is what it tastes like everytime you lie.

– Los Nativos, “An Eagle Named Chango”

To borrow a phrase from the great African revolutionary leader and martyr Malcolm X, ever since white power washed up on our shores our people have suffered all forms of colonization, oppression, exploitation, degradation, humiliation, discrimination and every other kind of ation. Now the settlers even build border fences militarized by violent colonial para-military forces to try and keep part of our Native family out of our collective home land. We call them brother, sister and cousin. They are us, and we are them, but the colonial white power government calls them illegal immigrants. According to white power they are aliens in their (our) own land.

Extermination, subjugation and colonization of cultures and people is what the Fourth of July means not only to us but also to our African brothers and sisters and every other colonized person in that rotten settler empire. But guess what Amerikkka? This is all Indian land. Always was. Still is. And it always will be. You are the real illegals. The end of time draws near for you and the rest of the North American white settler nation. So while you’re off celebrating today we’ll be stockpiling canons.


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