Israel’s Meddling in the Sudan Conflict

The following is some food for thought about the conflict in Sudan between the north and south, and between the north and the Darfur region. Most recently this conflict has resulted in the formal flag independence of south Sudan.

This quote comes to us from former Israeli Interior Security Minister Avi Dichter and speaks to the role of imperialist white power in driving the conflict. It speaks frankly and openly to Israel’s recognition of the threat to its existence as a white power settler state by a united Arab and African world.

“We had to weaken Sudan and deprive it of the initiative to build a strong and united state. That is necessary for bolstering and strengthening Israel’s national security. We produced and escalated the Darfur crisis to prevent Sudan from developing its capabilities.”

South Sudan was granted flag independence on 9 July 2011. It became the newest state in an Africa already fractured by hundreds of years of colonialism and neocolonialism. This was the culmination of a long and bloody conflict that was largely fuelled by imperialist interests (though the often times supremacist attitudes and policies of much of the pan-Islamic and pan-Arab projects layed the foundations that the imperialists exploited and built upon).

It must be stated though that there is no south Sudanese solution to south Sudan’s problems. There is no south Sudanese solution to Africa’s problems. There is no north Sudanese solution either. Or a Ugandan one. Or an Ethopian one. Or a Zimbabwean one. Or a Kenyan one. Or Congolese one etc. The only solution to south Sudan and all of Africa’s problems is a all African one. A united socialist Africa. An Africa for Africans, those at home and those abroad.

A united revolutionary Africa (and a united revolutionary Arab World for that matter) would be a mighty thing indeed to behold. No imperialist white power settler colonial fortress state would be able to withstand the might of one billion Africans united in the thirst for freedom. The imperialists know this fact well. That is why they continue to meddle in Africa, not only to continue on with the theft of its resources, but to fracture it ever further into neocolonial fiefdoms ruled over by petty compradors appointed and fed by the imperialists.

It’s time that we, Africans and their allies, all woke up and realized this as well.

As we speak however Africans at home and abroad, and those who are their allies, ARE waking up this. The movement for a unified socialist Africa is being fought for right now by the African Socialist International, which operates under the guidance of the revolutionary science of African Internationalism. If you want to check them out (and find out how you can help and join up) check their links out to the right under the heading Build the African Revolution.

No Compromise! No Surrender!


Quote Taken From Al Jazeera (How the Arab World Lost Southern Sudan)


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