In Support of the Revolutionary Communist Party Arrestees

Contingent of the PCR-RCP at the Toronto G8/G20 Last Summer

On June 29, 2011, arrests and searches of the homes of four Revolutionary Communist Party activists were carried out by the Anti-Gang unit of the Montréal Police Service’s Organized Crime Division. The raids were carried out early in the day and involved some 30 agents of the Canadian state. This crackdown of Canadian Maoist activists was allegedly in response to these activists’ connections with the most recent May Day demonstration in Montreal. The demonstration in question was organized by Montréal’s Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC) and was one of the more successful ones in recent Canadian memory. 

This week, on July 18, the four defendants appeared in court at the Montréal Palais de Justice. As had been expected by many, the crown requested — and won — a hardening of the Maoists’ release conditions. The defendants have now been ordered by the court to abstain from taking part in any “non-peaceful” demonstration and to leave any demonstration that could become “illegal.” They also must refrain from carrying placards, flags or sticks. Two of them also have to refrain from wearing scarves, masks or carrying backpacks if they participate in a demonstration. The next court date for the group has been set for Tuesday, September 20.

These release conditions imposed on the Canadian Maoists are quite similar in scope and intention to those imposed upon Alex Hundert, Amanda Hiscocks and other white activists caught in the government crackdown of Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance, Anti-War @ Laurier and other anarchist organizations following the protests at last June’s G8/G20 meetings in Toronto. Like those anarchists, I whole heartedly support the Maoist defendants, despite our political differences.

I stand in complete defence of the right of all of us to stand against imperialism, settler colonialism and capitalism in North America, and around the world. I defend all of those fighting to throw off colonialist, neocolonialist, imperialist and capitalist systems imposed on us by the terrorist governments of North America and Europe.

North American & European Imperialism are the Real Threats! 

Canada has since its founding been built on the assault carried out by the imperialist European nation on Africa, the Americas and Asia. This assault ripped African resources, both mineral and human, out of the continent and shipped them into the hands of the White nation. It turned China into a nation of dope addicts and ravaged the rest of the Asia.

In North America this assault by the imperialist European nation has involved open policies of genocide against the Native people – through torture, murder and war, stealing Native land and forcing the people into concentration camps called reservations today where the life expectancies are some of the lowest in the entire world.

The governments of this continent have consistently waged open and covert wars of occupation, plunder and extermination against the peoples of the Philippines, Viet Nam, Nicaragua, Africa, Occupied Palestine and the Arab world and elsewhere in order to create the highest standard of living on the planet for the settlers of North America.

In Canada the colonial government in Ottawa has waged a counterinsurgency war against the Native population with militarized police forces shooting down young Native men on a regular basis. If that wasn’t barbaric enough, sometimes the agents of the Canadian white power state on the Prairies even carry homeless or drunk Native men beyond city limits at night during winter, with little clothes on to allow them to freeze to death. This is just outright lynching of Indians – Canada style.

The white power state in Canada has also given less than a damn about the hundreds of missing and murdered Native women in this country. These women leave behind partners, children, siblings, parents, cousin, elders, friends and other loved ones, never to be seen or heard from again. It also should go without saying that most of them are the victims of sexual crimes and murders carried out by white men.

Most recently the Mohawk communities of Kanehsata:ke and Akwesasne came under military assault by the Aboriginal Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (A-CFSEU), apparently searching for marijuana related operations in those communities. This massive military operation resulted in the arrests of 55 people and required a show of force of 500 officers in Kanehsata:ke alone (compare to the 30 used to take down the PCR-RCP activists). This was far stronger than actually what was needed.

These kinds of overblown military tactics by the Canadian state, which have so neatly been covered up by the whitestream media as a simple drug bust of Indian criminals sanctioned by the neocolonial chiefs and band councils, make it absolutely clear that that operation had no other intention but to show the people of these Native communities (which have recently been named “hotspots for aboriginal unrest”) the repression that they, and all of us, will face from the white power regime if we step out of line. This is what indigenous communities and indigenous activists face everyday while living trapped in the white power settler country that they call “Canada.”

This Attack the PCR-RCP Must be Seen in the Context of the Colonial Government’s War on Anti-Colonial Liberation Movements!

While we should support the PCR-RCP during this time of government repression, it must also be recognized that this kind of government repression of largely white activists is in the context of a much harsher, much more violent, and much more lethal history of attacks against the Native and African Liberation movements on this continent by imperialist white power.

The settler colonial governments of North America have been responsible for a range of attacks on the leaders of the African and Native liberation movements. Some leaders of the original revolutionary upsurge of the 1960s and 70s, such as Leonard Peltier, were captured by the colonial state and remain in prison to this day! Others like Anna Mae Pictou Aquash met the ancestors when agents of the state put a bullet in the back their head!

We must recognize that these Canadian Maoists are being attacked right on the heels the massive military assault of Mohawk communities in Quebec and Ontario. They are also being attacked in light of the continued assault on the American Indian Movement by the US government, with the total cooperation of the Canadian government, which has most recently succeeded in setting up John Graham and putting him in prison for the state assassination of Anna Mae. It is also taking place simultaneous with the continued criminalization and police containment of Native and African communities.

The attacks against the Revolutionary Communist Party that began June 29 are happening under the criminal settler colonial regime of Prime Minister Stephen Harper who at this moment is attempting to “reform” Native rights and nations finally out of existence with the full cooperation of the anti-Indian, petty bourgeois neocolonial “chiefs” of the Assembly of First Nations.

It is in this context that we must understand the arrests of those members of the Revolutionary Communist Party. We must support them against government repression, but we must also recognize and support those Native and African warriors standing against white power who historically have suffered much more than the activists of the settler left.

Stop the Canadian Government Repression Against all Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Capitalist Activists!

Fight for Our Right to Stand in Solidarity with Peoples Worldwide Struggling for National Liberation!



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  1. Great post: good contextualization of the arrests. We should also point out that, perhaps unlike some of the G20 arrestees, the PCR-RCP arrestees would probably agree whole-heartedly with your comments regarding the political context (especially your last and important comment). Also, the PCR-RCP arrests come from a context where the Canadian state is now designating a “red squad” because it sees this organization as a threat (which is more than I can say, unfortunately, for some of the G20 organizations whose members were arrested), and it’s important maybe to ask why they’ve been designated as a threat – maybe it is connected to the way they have approached and continue to approach the concrete circumstances of Canadian colonial-capitalism.

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