Thoughts On the Death of Gaddafi & the Future of Libya and Africa

Yesterday in Libya the Great Satan, the imperialist white power beast, finally got its man. Muammar Gaddafi, leader of Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, was captured, injured but alive, and then summarily executed by imperialist white power’s “rebel” proxies when the town of Sirte was overrun by them. His last words were a question, “Do you know what’s right or wrong?” It should be obvious now that the so-called “rebels” only now what their imperialist masters want.

The blood thirsty white power beast had been after Gaddafi’s head since this past winter when they lost their proxies in Libya’s neighbours Tunisia and Egypt. They feared the spread of the revolutionary spirit that was sweeping across Africa and the Arab World and so they decided to strike back, painting a bulls-eye on Libya. Gaddafi’s principal crime, despite what you have heard and read in the Western media over and over again since the beginning of the assault on Libya, was that he continued to be a thorn in the side of US hegemony building projects in Africa.

With Gaddafi gone from the scene imperialist white power now has a beach head from which to go forth and redivide and remilitarize Africa and ensure that the riches of that beautiful continent continue to be ripped from the hands of its people. Make no mistake, the assault on Libya and killing of Gaddafi by imperialist white power is an attack on all of Africa. It comes in the context of the development of AFRICOM. It comes in the context of the imperialist manufactured famine in Somalia. It comes in the context of the continued efforts to isolate and destroy countries like Zimbabwe. It comes in the context of the efforts to further carve up Africa along colonial lines with the breaking up of Sudan. It comes in the context of the Great Satan’s most recent African incursion into Uganda, apparently to do battle with the Lord’s Resistance Army/Movement.

While we must harbour no illusions about leaders like Gaddafi (or Mugabe etc) we must also harbour no illusions about imperialism’s intentions towards those countries, their resources or their people. Likewise we should have no illusions about those “rebels” who claim to fight for freedom under the cover of NATO air power.

This is why while I can’t claim to be in total agreement with Gaddafi and his policies in Libya I need to be deadly clear on one thing: I will never, not for one minute, cheerlead for the NATO-backed pro-imperialist “rebels” of the National Transitional Council. The NTC, even before Tripoli had fallen, were hurriedly making deals to deliver the riches of Libya into the hands of imperialism. The fact the NTC serves the interests of imperialist white power as neocolonial puppets should be obvious to all.

We also cannot turn our backs to the plight of Libya’s black African population. As Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report has put it, the so-called “rebels” are:

brazen – absolutely without shame – in their determination to cleanse Libya of its Black population. They are like Arab Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, backed by a European and American air force, a racist militia whose fighters have vowed to “purge Black skin” and who scrawl the Arabic equivalent of “nigger” on the homes of their vanquished Black countrymen.

Let’s never forget that Sirte, the site of Gaddafi’s last stand and summary execution is also home to many black Libyans fighting for their lives against an openly genocidal, racist lynch mob that has been armed to the teeth by imperialist white power. Many people in Sirte also came from Tawurgha, the mostly Black Libyan city that was wiped from the face of the earth by the so-called “rebels.”

Again, as Glen Ford said:

NATO says it will keep bombing until the last resistance to their Libyan rebel surrogates, is crushed. That appears to mean, until the last free Black men in Libya are captured or killed, their families caged at the mercy of racist brutes and sexual marauders. Black civilians are clearly not the kind of people that the Euro-Americans had in mind, when they claimed to be on a mission to protect civilians.

No wonder, then, that the defenders of Sirte and Bani Walid fight like lions, against all odds. They are heroes, but they also have no choice. The racist death squads will have no mercy. Black skin will be purged, Black women raped and then killed.

I truly fear for the lives and future of our African brothers and sisters in Libya. I fear for what these imperialist white power “rebel” parasites will do to them, especially since they have risen up to defend themselves and their lives so valiantly. Anyone who truly cares about the liberation of the oppressed majority of humanity should care as well.

If you call yourself a leftist and your cheerleading for the Libyan rebels you have exposed yourself and your true alignment. You have shown which side you represent and will fight for when the revolution comes. I don’t consider agents of imperialist white power and parasitic capitalism to be revolutionaries or anyone I want to count as a “friend.”






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  1. Do you sympathize with the victims of Gadaffi’s well-documented regime of cruelty? I would like to think that even if you despised the Rebels’ beliefs, you would still not condone the use of Government-sanctioned murder and rape against them. The tone of your article implies that it didn’t even happen, which to me is akin to, say, denying the holocaust because you don’t like Jews.

  2. A sad day for libyans all over the world.

  3. @Jeremy:

    You say:

    “Do you sympathize with the victims of Gadaffi’s well-documented regime of cruelty? I would like to think that even if you despised the Rebels’ beliefs, you would still not condone the use of Government-sanctioned murder and rape against them. The tone of your article implies that it didn’t even happen, which to me is akin to, say, denying the holocaust because you don’t like Jews.”

    In response I would point out that I actually did state that I was never in total agreement with Gaddafi or his policies. I am well aware of the problems of Libya under him. However, while I do not, never have, and never will condone rape, whether as a weapon of war or for any reason or in any context, I will say that I have little problem with working to put genocidal racists who have been very open about their agenda six feet under the North African sand.

  4. I must sort of echo what Jeremy said:Qaddafi in recent years has been happy to work with the U.S. and Italy on profiling supposed terrorists and deporting immigrants. And when people tried to protest, yes, he did crack down on them. How else would you want them to speak out? Yes, the TNC are opportunistic, but the first protests were genuine.

  5. Same thing with Zimbabwe, Mugabe actually gave into structural adjustment programs and despite what people like Stephen Gowans has tried to deny, has suppressed dissent. Lord’s Resistance Army aren’t that pretty either;

  6. @Jenny:

    Same thing I said to Jeremy. I never denied this or that thing that Gaddafi did. I’m more than aware of his many problems. I’ve never attempted to deny that stuff or attempted to engage in apologism for him.

    Further, I am willing to grant that the first protests may have indeed been genuine. If you’ve been reading this blog for any period of time that’s longer than the last few weeks during which you have been leaving comments than you might have noticed that I did indeed at first support them.

    Things changed for me when they welcomed imperialist intervention, started selling out their own country and resources and then declared their desire to kill off the black population.

    However, I think labeling the NTC as simply being opportunistic clouds the issues around them. They are opportunistic in the sense that they are willing to sell their country out to imperialism, but they have been open in their outright genocidal goals for the black population of Libya. They are more than opportunistic, they are genocidal.

    No amount of fuckey by Gaddafi over the years can cover up the NTC’s stated desire to “purge black skin” from Libya. I am sorry if you and Jeremy think otherwise. When I wrote this I set out to draw out imperialist white power’s reasons for supporting the “rebels” and said “rebels'” desire to commit genocide against black Africans.

    However you and Jeremy seem to reading it with a faulty logic that follows something like “you must think Gaddafi was perfect if you don’t want his country invaded, black people raped and genocided and thousands murdered so that colonizers can colonize.”

    I mean, if you actually read the article you would notice that twice in it I disavowed the kind of analysis that you and Jeremy seem to think I am making.

    First I said:

    “we must harbour no illusions about leaders like Gaddafi (or Mugabe etc)”

    Then I said:

    “This is why while I can’t claim to be in total agreement with Gaddafi and his policies in Libya…”

    As for Mugabe, why bring up his BS economic policies? I never tried to defend him, in fact. If you have been paying attention to this site at all then you would know that I am a member of the Uhuru Movement and we have a particular analysis of Mugabe. I’ve posted on it before but you can find it here.

    Finally, as for the LRA/M, I’m not a fan of people who think that Jesus tells them through a spirit medium to kidnap children, but if you think that is the reason that Obama has sent troops into Uganda than I think you better reassess your worldview.

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