Bskaabiiyaang Kinomaage Gamik

Biiskaabiiyaang Kinomaage Gamik is an Alternative Education and Training Program facilitated by ACTION. We currently have three communities located in Anishinabek Territory where we are establishing our camps to provide workshops to those interested.

“Bskaabiiyaang” in the Anishinabe Language means “We are Returning” which is the closest translation to Decolonization that we have and it is also the vision of this Program. “Kinomaage Gamik” means School.

Bskaabiiyaang Kinomaage Gamik is an alternative education and training program that educates participants  by engaging in real life experience  focusing on the reemergence of Indigenous Institutions to assert Anishinabek Sovereignty.


Canada’s colonization of First Nations People has created spiritual, physical, mental and emotional devastation to our Individual and Autonomous well being, where we have become dependent on mainstream agencies and influences that only perpetuate our colonization.

The effects of colonization is exemplified in the high rates of suicide, substance abuse, incarceration, unemployment, diabetes, premature deaths, broken treaties, destruction to our environment and third world living conditions in our communities. Current First Nation Leaderships, Lawyers, Social Workers, Urban Aboriginal Non-Profit Community Corporations and Government Bureaucrats are failing to address these issues and are the only ones benefiting from funds that are allocated to address these situations, this is known as the “Aboriginal Industry.”

The “Aboriginal Industry” is a revolving door where the people that are employed in this industry are the only ones benefiting, while the people in need continue to suffer and continue the dependency on the temporary “fix” prescribed by this Industry.

This Project addresses that the root cause of the problems we face is the ineffective “Aboriginal Industry” itself and the capitalist system it is founded upon which exploits everything we are. This Project is the manifestation of these grievances where the people in need of change will be the ones making the change and the ones benefiting.


Biiskaabiiyaang Learning Program will offer an alternative education and training program for interested participants and communities from all levels of education, from preschool to post secondary as well as assisting the unemployed. We will do this by offering an innovative packaging approach for our programs through the use of “Teachings.”

Tobacco Teachings: ACTION’s Bimaadiziwin Cooperative will provide an interactive learning experience for participants to engage in a Food Sovereignty Initiative structured on the seasons which will benefit their own communities. We will partner with Daycare, Elementary and Secondary Institutions in communities that have an ACTION branch. We also can organize at your direction a Cultural Awareness and Activity day/days for your elementary or secondary institute.

Sage Teachings:A Two day Intensive Multimedia Decolonization Workshop that includes:

  • Colonization and Decolonization: The learner will get a definition of  Colonialism, Stages of Colonialism, History of Colonialism from Egyptian, European,  Roman, 1492: Invasion of the Americas, American Revolts; Asia & the Middle-East, War & the Rise of USA WW2 & UN, Vietnam, US Domestic Unrest,  New World Order to today’s War for Oil and Indigenous Resources
  • Impacts of Colonialism:   The learner will explore the effects of European Settler Society, Settler-Nations, Imperialism, Apartheid, White Supremacy, Patriarchy, Neo-colonialism, Sociological, Genocide, Loss of Sovereignty & Territory, Assimilation Individual Impact, Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder, Individualism, Identity, Inferiority, Internal Violence, Alcohol, Drugs, Suicide and Health Impacts.
  • Waking the Sleeping Giant:   Waking the Sleeping Giant that is our Sovereignty. We will discuss next steps of becoming involved with ACTION. We will educate participants on Natural Laws, Anishinabek Teachings and Roles, Prophecies, Clan System, Rights, Laws and Treaties.
  • What is a Warrior :  We will define the “Warrior” from various Cultural and Modern Perspectives.  We will look at the history of the Indigenous Resistance Movement, Warrior Culture and Fighting Spirit and Identifying the Common Enemy, Disengaging from Colonial System, Active Use of Territory.

As a part of the Workshops ACTION will also provide a Video Speakers Corner if requested to create a snapshot of the struggles that you or your community or organization is facing. We will also provide a support network and tell you how can get involved with ACTION.

Cedar Teachings: We will train interested participants and communities to become ACTION facilitators and to help set up your own branch of ACTION within your community. This is a 3 Day Workshop which includes 2 Days of Decolonization Workshops. The final day we assess your community needs and what kind of support is needed to set up your own ACTION Branch.

Sweetgrass Teachings: Participants will be fully immersed in the Bimaadizwiin Cooperative where they will continuously be trained in; Forestry, Traditional Food Harvesting,Archeology, Gardening, Sustainable Housing Construction, Multimedia Journalism, Indigenous Governance and other professions that concern ACTION’s initiatives. This will allow our participants to sustain themselves and to help build self sufficient communities. This is for ACTION members and communities that have an ACTION branch only.

We provide Secondary and Post Secondary students with the relevant and practical work experience they need to fulfill the requirements of their academic program.

For Teachings  Contact:

Johnny Hawke  705 247 2120



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