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Harper and Shawn Alteo Jr: The Necolonial Dance

Shawn Alteo, chief Indian comrador in Canada, playing dress-up with Stephan Harper

The Canadian whitestream press has been abuzz lately with the meeting between Canada’s good Indians (aka the neocolonial band council and AFN sellouts) and Canada’s white power establishment, currently headed by Prime Minister Stephan Harper. Mohawk Nation News shines the light of truth on this meeting and what it means for our people.

Mohawk Nation News. Jan. 25, 2012. That dance between Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his top Indian CEO, Shawn Atleo, at the phony First Nations Summit in Ottawa sends the same old “we’re-gonna-get-dem-Injuns” message.

This was the first public face-to-face meeting of Harper and his 400 corporate Injuns in Canada. Their job is to continue the illusion that Canada is a legal country while helping the corporation make money from the extraction of Indigenous resources.  Read the rest of this entry


Korea Resilient! Socialism in Democratic Korea

This article originally appeared on the blog Return to the Source (R2TK). While I often disagree with much of the analysis put forward by that blog’s author, I have decided to post his work on the topic because as I have said before, when the left, especially the white “left”, discusses the DPRK they often attack it subjectively, with imperialist propaganda and even downright Orientalist and white supremacist views.

Groups guilty of this include the Kasama Project and International Socialist Organization. Beyond these organizations many individual Maoists, Trotskyists, Marxist-Leninists and anarchists use the same tactics. These groups and individuals do the same thing when examining Libya. What all of this ultimately exposes is that these individuals and organizations objectively stand with imperialism and white power against the oppressed peoples of the Earth. Read the rest of this entry

Is it Nothing to You? Another Hero Falls: Ricky Lavallie: 1960-2012

By Kevin Annett. Kevin, who I had the pleasure of meeting in April, is a white Canadian and former clergyman of the United Church of Canada. He was run out of the Church, which went so far as to pay off his wife to divorce him and take his children away, for daring to expose the crimes of the church and state in the system of Indian residential schools. Since then Kevin has been tireless in his efforts to bring to light the crimes against the colonized, especially the role of the major institutional churches.

Ricky Lavallie is dead.

He was a 51 year old native man, and was the sole witness to the murder by three Vancouver policemen of another key aboriginal activist in our network, Johnny Bingo Dawson.

The sudden death of Ricky Lavallie on January 3 has wiped out the last of my original core supporters among urban native people in Vancouver and Winnipeg. Our original nucleus of the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (FRD) has been extinguished. Read the rest of this entry