Keystone is Dead but Our Struggle Continues

It seems that for now the Keystone Pipeline, which would have taken oil from so-called Alberta’s mammoth tar sands straight to their compatriots in Texas, has been killed for now by comprador-in-chief Obama. Assuming he keeps his promise and manages to survive his reelection bid this coming fall the Keystone project seems to now be permanently on hold. Obama though has always represented the interests of imperialist white power and parasitic capitalism, so the possibly of him reversing his stance is entirely within the realm of possibly. His array of wannabe Republican presidential opponents have condemned his decision and have vowed to relaunch it should they be elected. Likewise, the whitestream labour movement has also moved to condemn the comprador-in-chief, saying that he presented the formation of numerous jobs.

However, even if Obama is able to weather the storm and also keeps his promise, the struggle does not end with Keystone, or even with the tar sands. Stephen Harper, neoconservative Prime Minister of the illegitimate settler state they call Canada north of the settler border, has declared that since Keystone has been put on hold  Canada will redirect oil meant for the United States and ship it to China. The alternatives to Keystone, to get the oil to China, entail building a pipeline similar to the Keystone one from the tar sands to the Pacific coast. Like Keystone, and like nearly all extractive industries in Canada, this project would come with a heavy cost to indigenous people who would be trampled under foot even further to continue the enrichment of white settler Canada.

I suspect now that Keystone is dead(ish) much of those in the whitestream environmentalist movement who were our allies of convenience in this struggle will slowly bleed away, though a few might stick around to continue to protest the tar sands project. Likewise, our other erstwhile allies – the pacifist and reformist ecologists, the hipster anarchists and certain sectors of the colonial “left” – will also likely bleed away from the struggle as well now that the most media worthy part of the struggle comes to a close.

Our struggle will continue on though. Keystone and the tar sands is just a small window into the 500 year colonization of this continent. Native peoples, many of whom live in conditions comparable to the third world in open air concentration camps, were the first victims of the tar sands along with our mother the Earth. We were the first to resist the rape of our mother and the further destruction of our rump socities and territories.

The end of time is coming though for white power and the entire global parasitic capitalist system. We have always been at the front lines of the struggle, despite our heavy losses over the centuries. The day is coming when from the north of Nunavut to the south of Wallmapu we will reclaim our lands in cooperation with our allies in the captive African nation and the rest of the revolt of the colonized around the world. We will rip down all vestiges of parasitic capitalism and white power on our lands. We will smash the tar sands and all unsustainable extractive industries that stick a dagger right into the belly of our earth mother. With the death of the oppressive and exploitative world capitalist system we can finally begin the healing of the earth.

We must get there first though! That is why our struggle does not end with Keystone or the tar sands.

Stand in Tireless Defence of Mother Earth!

Defeat Earth Destruction!

Defeat Imperialist White Power!

Defeat Global Parasitic Capitalism!



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