Harper and Shawn Alteo Jr: The Necolonial Dance

Shawn Alteo, chief Indian comrador in Canada, playing dress-up with Stephan Harper

The Canadian whitestream press has been abuzz lately with the meeting between Canada’s good Indians (aka the neocolonial band council and AFN sellouts) and Canada’s white power establishment, currently headed by Prime Minister Stephan Harper. Mohawk Nation News shines the light of truth on this meeting and what it means for our people.

Mohawk Nation News. Jan. 25, 2012. That dance between Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his top Indian CEO, Shawn Atleo, at the phony First Nations Summit in Ottawa sends the same old “we’re-gonna-get-dem-Injuns” message.

This was the first public face-to-face meeting of Harper and his 400 corporate Injuns in Canada. Their job is to continue the illusion that Canada is a legal country while helping the corporation make money from the extraction of Indigenous resources. 

Harper got his Indians to threaten an Arab Style uprising so the military can come in and keep us in line. Is Atleo, of the Assembly of First Nations, going to stand in the bush and start tweeting to get the revolution going? Canada wants someone to sell off our mother, Great Turtle Island, to the international bankers, pocketing the money, of course.

The Mohawk Crisis of 1990, a true resistance, is always trotted out as a threat. They want a controlled uprising “like the US Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s”. Are they kidding? It was anything but. AIM stopped the army bloodbath at Wounded Knee. Many went to jail, were killed, and Leonard Peltier has been in jail for 38 years.

Here’s the script. Harper, the foreigner, sets up the First Nations Land Management Act to privatize Great Turtle Island with the help of his fake Indians. Meantime Harper pushes third world living conditions on the rest of us. Out of desperation, we will be forced to sell our land to stay alive. Then they cry about the integrity of the Crown! What? The crown is a corporation that took over the monarchy in a hostile takeover bid. The first “reservations” were created in 1924 with the Ontario Indian Land Act; a backroom deal between the Minister of Mines in Ontario and the architect of the residential school holocaust, Minister of Indian Affairs D.C. Scott http://caid.ca/IndLanAct1924.pdf

As Etowokam said in 1710 when he returned from Queen Anne’s Court, England: “They rely on the written word. That is how they will be judged”. We rely on the wampum and the rule of law.

Harper left Tuesday night January 24th for the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. The world’s elite were anxiously waiting to hear that we had been put back to sleep so they can continue their theft. Instead we are louder than ever. Canada and the world should answer to us, as everything they want is ours.

Yes, let’s discuss our birthright and that Mother Earth cannot be sold. Sure, put an end to the illegal Indian Act. Then respect the real relationship between us and the foreigners. Instead the foreign usurpers are sitting in the high chairs like babies bawling at the land and resource owners. Their fake Indian idols complain we can’t use our land as collateral for loans from the foreign corporations that are squatting on our land. Yet the Canadian government and corporations use our unsurrendered land as collateral to raise money on the global stock markets. That’s theft, fraud and genocide. Everyone in the world is on to their bad act.

Those fake Indians who want to be part of this foreign entity cannot usurp our sovereignty. They have already signed on with the immigrants and became property of the shareholders of Canada, just like other Canadians.

There will be no “Aboriginal” Spring. Seasons change but not our minds or the dreaded truth.

As the song Waltzing Matilda portrays: all the women [fake Indians] are standing around waiting to dance with the jolly swagman [Harper}. “You’ll come a’waltzing, Malilda, with me!”



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