PFLP Salutes Hana Shalabi and All Palestinian Women on International Women’s Day

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is a revolutionary organization fighting for national liberation and socialism in Palestine.

On International Women’s Day, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine saluted the courageous, strong and constant steadfastness of Palestinian women, facing down occupation and oppression and the backbone of the struggle for liberation and return.

The Front commended the historic role of the Palestinian woman, standing side by side with the Palestinian man at the forefront of the struggle for national liberation, democracy and social development within and outside occupied Palestine, as well as her heroic role in the preservation of Palestinian culture and national traditions and the preservation of the unity and resilience of the Palestinian social fabric, including the Palestinian family, and as part of the Palestinian national resistance under the harshest conditions of aggression, occupation, displacement, refugee status and deprivation of the most basic human, economic, social and political rights.

The Front offered its greetings and salutes to the steadfast Palestinian women in Palestine and the diaspora – the fighter and the mother of the steadfast Palestinian resistance, the martyr and the mother of martyrs, the prisoner and the mother of prisoners, the activist and the mother of the activists who stand daily to confront the schemes of the occupier and its state terrorism, who have protected the Palestinian family, and raised generations of Palestinian children to love the land and the people, uphold truth and dignity and the will of the resistance in the face of injustice, occupation and aggression, and who have sacrificed continually to remain on the land of Palestine and hold high the banner of freedom, justice and peace.

The Front in particular saluted women in the occupation’s prisons on the occasion of International Women’s Day, vowing to continue to demand their freedom. The Front saluted hunger striking prisoner Hana Shalabi, whose struggle for freedom has inspired international solidarity and who stands as a symbol of women’s resistance to the occupation state.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine congratulates Palestinian and Arab women, and the women of the world, renewing its resolve to continue our struggle on International Women’s Day, born of the struggle of women, celebrated in all countries of the world and the United Nations, honoring the sacrifices and the heroic struggle of women’s rights and women’s struggle. This day has become a symbol of the unity of women’s struggle around the world, to honor achievements and to renew and reaffirm the determination to continue the struggle for the liberation of women and for full equality and against all forms of discrimination, persecution and violence against women.



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