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PFLP General Secretary Sa’adat Transferred to Ramle Prison Hospital

Ramon prison management Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, to Ramle prison hospital on Sunday, April 29. Sa’adat has been in isolation for over three years in Ramon prison, and is part of the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike for justice and dignity.

PFLP prisoners were previously offered that Sa’adat’s isolation would be ended in exchange for them ending their hunger strike, which the prisoners refused, saying they are committed to achieving the full demands of the strike united with prisoners from all forces and factions, and ending isolation for all.

Comrade Sa’adat has lost 6 kilograms so far on this hunger strike, which comes only short months after the last extended hunger strike from September 27-October 20, which was led by prisoners of the PFLP and inspired by Sa’adat’s isolation, which called for an end to isolation and solitary confinement. Read the rest of this entry


Daniel Bensaïd on John Holloway’s “Change the World without Taking Power”

The following article is a critique of trend within libertarian anti-capitalist thought often known as autonomism or autonomous Marxism. This trend, which blends together Marxist and anarchist ideas, is most famously manifested in the politics of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas.

It was written by the late Algerian-born French Trotskyist Daniel Bensaïd. He was a leading theorist of the Revolutionary Communist League, France’s largest Trotskyist organization. In the year before his death Daniel took part in the merger of the LCR with several smaller left parties to form the New Anticapitalist Party. Here he primarily takes aim at a then recent book by John Holloway, Change the World Without Taking Power: The Meaning of Revolution Today.

As usual though, the posting of this article is an endorsement of the politics and analysis of Daniel Bensaïd and the LCR/NPA. It posted for the purposes of stimulating discussion. Read the rest of this entry

“Nobody Cared, Nobody Did Anything:” The Normalization of Violence Against Indigenous Women

In the summer of 2004, while working as a producer for CBC News Sunday, I undertook a road trip to research Traces of Missing Women. My intent was to gather memories of Indigenous women who had been murdered or disappeared and create a video collage of images and words spoken by mothers, daughters, aunties, sisters and other loved ones to bring some light to a subject that had yet to be worthy of headlines or significant media coverage at all.

My journey took me from Toronto to Vancouver and back. Zig-zagging from north to south through B.C. and Alberta, through the Prairie provinces and around the shores of Lake Superior, I put 17,000 kilometres on a rental car over a period of seven weeks. There was not one single First Nations or Métis community that I visited that didn’t have a story to share. In all, rushing to cover ground and make my deadline, I only had time to conduct 45 interviews — 45 heart-wrenching stories of loss, grief and pain.

It was evident from my first encounters that there would be a common thread: all of the family members and friends I spoke to who had lost a loved one. Not only had they all experienced the devastation of loss by violence of someone precious, but they had also suffered from the treatment they experienced at the hands of those they went to for help. Read the rest of this entry