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The White Working Class: Gross Parasitism

The following essay was transcribed from MIM Theory #10 [full PDF link] by the folks over MIM Theory was the theoretical journal of the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Movement.

In this essay the author makes a number explains the parasitism of the White working class in the centres of the imperialism. As well as he also makes a number of interesting points regarding the role played by extraction and distribution of surplus value as it relates to national oppression inside the so-called United States.

As usual the posting of this essay should not be taken as an endorsement of the entirety of MIM’s line, or the line of its ideological descendants – the Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons and the Leading Light Communist Organization.

Marxist economics explained the secret of capitalist exploitation by showing that workers were paid not for the value of all that they produced (labor), but instead the cost of reproducing themselves (labor power).  In Marx’s analysis, the cost of reproducing the working class, or labor power, was less than the value of what the working class produced, and so the difference was exploitation, resulting in a profit for the capitalists and the extra capital needed to invest and grow the capitalists’ companies. Read the rest of this entry


Indigenous Nationhood: Federal Budget 2012 – The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

From the Canadian Native blog Indigenous Nationhood.

The Conservative budget was released today with most mainstream political commentators wiping their brows, saying “Phewf, we thought it would be much worse!” People like Kevin O’Leary were asking why the Conservative government didn’t go further to open up Canada for international investment. Others were relieved that only 19,200 federal public service jobs would be lost as opposed to the 60,000 that were predicted. Still others were wondering what the streamlined environmental review processes might mean.

The area with which I am most concerned relates to what was and was not in the budget for Indigenous Peoples. I am not surprised by this budget, in fact, it is just about exactly what I predicted it would be. What I am surprised about is how the Assembly of First Nations’ National Chief Shawn Atleo could possibly think this was a good budget.

Atleo says: “The investments in education in today’s budget indicate that the voices of our youth are perhaps beginning to be heard…”. Well, let’s look what was and was not provided for First Nation education: Read the rest of this entry

Awit ng Kadamay – Song of the Filipino Urban Poor

Last summer 3 correspondents from BASICS News in Canada went to the Philippines to report on the social conditions and the people who are organizing to change their society in the interest of the oppressed. This is a short documentary of the situation of the urban poor in the Philippines as told through a song written by Boy Tan, a long time cultural worker in the urban poor movement.