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Like any blogger/website operator I am curious as to where my traffic is coming from. To that end I regularly check my traffic stats – number of hits, links people are clicking on, Google search terms that are leading people here and of course incoming links. So to my surprise this morning when looking at the traffic states I saw two incoming links from the infamous White power message board Storm Front. However, I think this is a good thing. As Chairman Mao once said “To be attacked by the enemy is not a bad thing but a good thing.” So The Speed of Dreams would like to welcome all readers from the Storm Front message boards that are visiting this site. Hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Thanks for publishing and sharing our pictures. Solidarity from France.
    Just a little message to all the fascists: Nazi scum better run! We’re coming.

    FdP crew

  2. Uhuru comrades! Thanks for the support. Nazi scum better run indeed!

    I have a quick question though, what I noticed that your site links to mine and I was just curious how you come across it? Also, is there much solidarity with indigenous North American struggles in France!


    • Salut comrade, thanks for your answer.
      We found your site on MLM Mayhem or maybe a comment on Kasama, I can’t remember; it’s very complete, with a good political line.
      About indigenous North American struggle: a lot of people in France support it, especially in the radical left, but it’s mostly a moral support. They dont know what’s happening, neither what’s the story of national liberations in the US. Maybe it’s because of french imperialism, which spreads an anti-american and chauvinist culture, denying the complexity of US social history.
      Another thing, your site links Voie Lactée, the PCMLM site; we have to say that those people aren’t revolutionaries at all. They are only a bunch of bourgeois despising working class and national liberation movements. They are (happily) rejected by all the honest french maoist/ML organizations (as OCML-VP, PCmF, JCML…). Sadly their worst articles are only availables in french.
      Sorry for my poor english!
      Revolutionary MLM greetings

      FdP crew

  3. Interesting comrades. Good to know though that folks on that side of the Atlantic are finding their way here.

    As for the PCMLM site (Voie Lactée) you are mistaken – I do not link to them. I used to, but I do not do so any longer.

    I am curious though as to why you say that they despise the working class and national liberation movement? Would you mind explaining what you mean by that.

  4. My apologizes, I didn’t noticed. And thanks four linking our site.
    About the PCMLM: it comes from the “Front Social” (social front) group, which was actually a good MLM group. Now it’s a tiny sectarian party ; their main activity is to publish strange positions on their website, for exemple that every revolutionary must be vegan, and that the RCP Canada is revisionist because they don’t speak about babies seals murder…
    They consider that the only thing to do is to create theory, not acting in the people or outside the web; form them, all the other french groups are traitors, and the working class mainly support fascist ideas, etc. They just want to be a theoretical vanguard (according to them, their website is the future site of the “french socialist state”… that’s modest). They don’t do anything to serve the people but insulting everyone who isn’t with them.
    That’s why we consider them as harmful for our movements, even if sometimes they have interesting statements. Anyway, they don’t have any existence outside the web.
    Revolutionary greetings

    FdP crew

  5. Thanks for explaining that about the PCMLM. I looked up their article about the RCP-PCR and while I am not a supporter of that organization I must say that was the PCMLM had to say was probably one of the strangest thing I have ever read in my life!

    In general though I am wary of the entire international trend that they belong to, especially it’s European members (which beyond the PCMLM also includes the Odio de Clase collective in Spain). While I do link to a number of their affiliates in Latin America, I do not support their line on Nepal which rejects the entirety of the UCPN(M), including the left-wing. They also insist on trying to dictate line on issues like Nepal to much larger, frankly much more important revolutionary organizations like the CPI (Maoist).

    Worst of all though is their utterly delusional following of Chairman Gonzalo in Peru. Gonzalo most certainly capitulated when he was captured by the Peruvian state and while groups like the PCP-MLM have moved on, criticized Gonzalo and still continue the PW, these groups attack formations like the PCP-MLM and believe that all of Gonzalo’s betrayals are hoaxes carried about by the Peruvian neocolonial state and imperialists. It’s sad actually!

    I am curious though what you think of the details of the line articulated here on The Speed of Dreams, especially as I do not consider myself either ML or MLM.

  6. Your’re right about the “PCMLM”. They don’t have a communist behavior upon Gonzalo’s betrayal and peruvian situation. They can’t admit criticism (like for Stalin), they aren’t materialists thinkers.
    About the line articulated here: our group is more or less on the same positions. We arent’t just ML or just MLM; so we’re interested by your work, because being on the people’s side, supporting anti-imperialists and revolutionnary struggles, is our first duty today. We are more critical about some parties linked (as north korean worker’s party) but globally your site have a really good line and spread interesting informations (especially about people’s war and movements into the US).

    FdP crew

  7. Thanks for the comments FdP

    As for the Workers’ Party of Korea and other groups linked to, a link here on The Speed of Dreams does not imply an actual endorsement of the group, its leaders or its line (whether in its entirety or particulars).

    I a not, for example, an apologist for the DPRK (though I do recognize the existence of much imperialist propaganda around it, which I think much of the left shamefully takes up), nor do I attempt to promote or spread Juche. I also do not necessarily support the lines of Hezbollah or the DFLP, but I respect that many people in Lebanon and Palestine respect them as resistance organizations. Likewise in Ireland I support the Irish Republican Socialist Movement, but not so much the 32 County Sovereignty Movement or Republican Sinn Fein, as both of those organizations lean more towards Irish Catholic Nationalism, with all its attendant focus on moralism and Irish/Catholic “family values” etc.

    Those organizations and any others linked to here on The Speed of Dreams are linked to because I feel that their websites carry important information that people should read, even if they (or I) disagree with it.

  8. Thanks for your answers.
    Nice to see that we share common views on those points, which are often points of disagreements in our political movement. The main question is to support oppressed people and anti-imperialist forces; if people in Lebanon have choosen the Hezbollah for exemple (and a lot of leftists did), we have to respect their choice even if we’re also fighting to promote more revolutionary forces.
    The politics of DPRK are terrible for the communist movements, because it has now nothing to do with our goals and means; but in the other hand, we’ve to fight imperialist propaganda about it (we’ll probably post an article comparing the “wonderful partiotic festivities” linked to Elizabeth II jubile and DPRK “evil communist mass brain-washing to honor their cruel leader”, according to imperialist medias).
    About Ireland: we support the republican movement because we think that it’s mainly a proletarian, revolutionary movement, even if press speaks about it as a religious and chauvinist movement. Of course we support mainly irsih socialists, like you do.

    FdP crew

  9. In general I would agree that the 32CSM and RSF are anti-imperialist organizations, but I stand by my description of them as primarily being Catholic Nationalist. I have interacted much with Irish revolutionaries and Irish solidarity activists in North America and this seems to be the general though among those who have seriously investigated the Irish movement.

    Their Catholic moralism is on display for example when they not only chase away pimps, but harass prostitutes as well, or when they take on both drug dealers and go after Irish proletarian youth who smoke marijuana. Compare this the IRSM which takes on lumpen-type parasites like pimps and drug dealers, but does not treat their victims and customers as if they are also the enemy.

  10. Okay, we’ll look for more informations about it.
    In french the best work about irish republicanism is made by the communists comrades of Liberation Irelande: http://liberationirlande.wordpress.com/

    FdP crew

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