US Imperialism and Regional Reactionaries Line Up with First Worldist ‘Revolutionaries’ Against Syria

From the comrades over at Anti-Imperialism.Com.

Over the past year, the US-led imperialism and its junior partners in the region have waged a relentless proxy war against the Syrian Republic. Under the guise of a popular revolt,reactionaries have armed and trained rebel groups to carry out attacks against the Syria’s state and civilian population.

One of imperialism’s most surprising allies in its assault against the Syrian people have been various ‘revolutionaries’ in the First World. Typically First Worldist and hence reactionary in their own right, such nominal ‘radicals’ from core-economy countries have championed the slogan ‘No to Assad. No to foreign intervention’ and have been labeled ‘Third Wayers‘ by their international critics. Various ‘Marxists’ fall under this ‘Third Wayer’ category in respect to Syria, including theso-called Maoists of A World to Win News Service.

Imperialism’s attacks on Syria are not simply a drive to unseat the national government led by Bashar al-Assad. Rather, the successful removal of Baathists from power in Syria will have serious and widely-felt impacts for the people of the Middle East. US imperialism and its allies are hoping to remove Assad so they can wield greater power against Iran, Palestine, and Lebanon.

Regardless of recent policies implemented by Assad in Syria which favored the west, the strategic relation between the west and the Assad-led Syrian government has now changed. As noted by Mao Zedong, when imperialism wages a war of aggression against the people of a particular country, patriotic struggles on the part of those under attack become internationalist in character. Furthermore, it is the task of communists to situate themselves through struggle as the leadership of resistance to imperialism, the vanguard amongst various patriotic forces, and not as the backdoor allies to imperialism.

The conflict in Syria has international implications. Either imperialism will prevail in establishing a proxy government to serve its long-term interests in the region, or various forces will line up and prevail in their resistance to imperialist assaults on their sovereignty. Marxists and genuine revolutionaries should be the most vigorous, fervent, and committed to the cause of Syrian self-determination and liberation. Only through fully participating and leading a successful struggle against the imperialist-sponsored aggression can communists secure favorable internal, regional and international conditions for the further development of proletarian revolutionary struggle in Syria.

First Worldists can often act in a limited progressive manner so long as they consistently oppose their own imperialists’ aggression against Third World peoples. Unfortunately, so-called Maoists like A World to Win and their Trotskyist brethren such as the ‘International Marxist Tendency’can’t be said to share this basic anti-imperialist commitment. While posing as a reliable opposition to imperialism in their own respective countries, they rhetorically assault the Assad-led government in what can only objectively be described as a form of backhanded support for capital in the region.

For communism to be a legitimate force for liberation into the 21st century, it must also be a leading force in the defense of peoples against imperialism. It is the task of genuine communism to not only defend the self-determination of peoples against imperialism, but to also prove itself in struggle as a leading force representing the broad interests of people globally. The tendency represented by fake Marxists like the self-avowed Maoists of A World to Win and the openly Trotskyist International Marxist Tendency, amongst other First Worldist backdoor allies of imperialism, must be exposed and dispensed with by contemporary communism.



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