On the 4th of July: What is North American Patriotism?

Today, as many people around the so-called United States set out their BBQs, their beers and get ready to sit back and watch some fireworks (and in light on Canada Day a few days ago) I just want to take a brief moment to meditate on just what North American patriotism is, especially in light of the fact that it is not just the settler (White) population that engages in this spectacle, but colonized peoples living in these countries as well.

Basically my thought on it go like this: in the US, Canada and Quebec to be a patriot is to be a White nationalist. In other words, fidelity to these states – their symbols, their holidays, their songs etc – is White nationalism. This is not something that just afflicts White people though. As I said, many colonized people participate in these spectacles of imperialist White power, settler colonialism and parasitic capitalism. In fact, as I sat back to meditate on this last year during Canada Day (as I became trapped more or less in a Waterloo, Ontario park during the fireworks display), one thing I noticed was that many colonized peoples take to these days with as much, indeed at times even more, vigor than the settlers whose continental and world domination these days celebrate. 

This is because the hegemonic ideas of the oppressor nation has embedded itself so thoroughly in our minds through the mentally and physically violent process of colonization. In many ways when I see colonized people repping the Red, White and Blue (or the Red, White and Maple Leaf), especially in the case of recent immigrants, it seems to be that they are actually out to try and out-settler the settlers in a bid to prove their loyalty to the North American Empire.

Thus not only do we have White White nationalists, but we also have Native White nationalists, African White nationalists, South Asian White nationalists, Filipino White nationalists etc. American, Canadian and Quebecois patriotism is White nationalism because American, Canadian and Quebecois patriotism is nothing but solidarity with the colonial state of the oppressor nation.

If we, the colonized in the heart of the empire, wish to join with our brothers and sisters concentrated in the so-called Third World and take our place in the struggle for liberation we must break with North American patriotism and realize that rather than prove our loyalty to our oppressors we have to light a fire in the master’s house!



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