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The Speed of Dreams is Dead! Long Live Onkwehón:we Rising!

For a number of reasons it has been decided to close permanently The Speed of Dreams web project. It’s sad I know, but as this project ends a new one is also beginning. Onkwehón:we Rising is now live. It will carry on the spirit of The Speed of Dreams, and indeed many of my writings from my TSoD days will be available via OR, and readers will of course recognize the very familiar look and feel of the new site. It is my hope that OR will be able to develop beyond the confines of a personal blog website where it is mostly news articles being posted. I would like to see OR become a truly collaborative effort, with a greater emphasis on guest content. There will also be a much greater emphasis on theory and analysis, and on developing my own writings as well.

So with that said, The Speed of Dreams will remain dying but not yet dead until the end of the month in order to redirect readers to the new site. However, the site will be dismantled more or less, so please come on over to Onkwehón:we Rising and contribute to the discussion!

From Signalfire: A Maoist Response to the Ten Theses of Ba Jin

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation: home to a people that Ba Ji and Fire Next Time would have us believe are a “Brown Middle Layer” between Africans and Whites in Amerika

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation: home to a people that Ba Ji and Fire Next Time would have us believe are a “Brown Middle Layer” between Africans and Whites in Amerika

The following article is a response from Maoist Amerikan website Signalfire to the Ten Theses on the US Racial Order by the Fire Next Time Collective based in the eastern United States. This article by the comrades at Signalfire gets a lot right, in particular the emphasis that (New) Afrikan people, along with other “minorities” in fact face national oppression/colonialism inside the United States, and not some kind of amorphous “racial oppression”. It also correctly calls out the FNT’s notion of a “Brown” middle-layer placed between (New) Afrikans and Whites within the supposed Amerikan racial hierarchy. The Speed of Dreams also commends the comrades at Signalfire for emphasising the utter lack of attention paid to First Nations’ (so-called “Indians”) national oppression in the United States by the FNC. Finally, the Signalfire article is refreshing in that it unusual to see North American Marxist-Leninists and Maoists with a (more or less) correct orientation on the settler-colonial origins of the US. Read the rest of this entry

Oshkimaadzig Unity Camp – Uniting the New People

The word “Oshkimaadzig” refers to the “New People” of the Seven Fires Anishinaabek Prophecy, the people who were prophesied to be the ones who would pick up the remnants of their traditional ways of life and values long repressed by colonialism, and by reclaiming these values they will begin to unite all peoples for the survival of humanity and Mother Earth.

Oshkimaadzig Unity Camp is located in traditional Wendat (“Huron”) land, and since the genocidal dispersal of the Wendat by the French and the wars that forced them to flee the area in the mid 17th century, the Anishinaabe have been the keepers of the eastern door, recognized by the Three Fires Confederacy (Odawa, Potawatamie, and Ojibwe).  This land also falls within a number of treaties amongst indigenous people and between indigenous nations and European settlers, including the Two Row Wampum, the ‘One Dish, One Spoon’ Treaty, the Beaver Belt, the Haudenosaunee-Anishinaabek Friendship Belt, the 1764 Fort Niagara Silver Chain Covenant, and the 24 Nations Belt. Read the rest of this entry